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In 2009, the Foundation for Advancement in Conservation (FAIC) launched the AIC Wiki with funding assistance from the National Center for Preservation Technology and Training (NCPTT), a division of the National Parks Service. As part of the launch, the Paper Conservation Catalog (PCC) and the previously unpublished Book Conservation Catalog (BCC) were transcribed into wiki format. Each chapter became a page in the new Book and Paper Group (BPG) Wiki [1]. Over time, pages have been added, edited and moved. Currently, the BPG Wiki consists of the Paper Conservation Wiki, the Book Conservation Wiki, and a variety of shared content pages.

This page collects the history of both the published catalogs and the evolving wiki.

Copyright 2024. The AIC Wiki is a publication of the American Institute for Conservation (AIC). It is published as a convenience for the members of AIC. Publication does not endorse nor recommend any treatments, methods, or techniques described herein. Information on researching with and citing the wiki can be found on the Reference and Bibliography Protocols page.

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Paper Conservation Catalog (PCC)[edit | edit source]

In the absence of much published literature during the early 1980’s, a group of AIC members began a volunteer, collaborative effort to gather and exchange information about techniques and materials used by paper conservators. This effort resulted in the Paper Conservation Catalog. The PCC was published in nine editions from 1984 to 1994 by the AIC Book and Paper Group, with assistance from the National Endowment for the Humanities. The catalog was distributed to BPG members in a loose leaf format to permit additions, revisions, and updates. The format was intended to be simple and flexible enough to encourage paper conservators to contribute and allow for updates and edits to be easily made over time.

Thirty-five chapters were originally planed. A number of chapters were left blank to allow for future expansions of topics covered. Over the decade of publication, some of the proposed chapters were changed, chapters were added, chapters were deleted, chapters were revised, and chapters were left unpublished. Each edition published new chapters that were meant to be amended over time and added to the previously published chapters.

Original Planned Chapters
Chapter 1 Fiber Identification
Chapter 2 Media Identification
Chapter 3 Media Problem
Chapter 4 Support Problems
Chapter 5 Condition Forms and Description
Chapter 6 Visual Examination
Chapter 7 Authentication
Chapter 8 Documentation
Chapter 9 Instrumental Analysis
Chapter 10 Spot Tests
Chapter 11
Chapter 12
Chapter 13
Chapter 14
Chapter 15
Chapter 16 Fumigation
Chapter 17 Dry Cleaning
Chapter 18 Washing
Chapter 19 Solvent Treatments
Chapter 20 Alkalization and Neutralization
Chapter 21 Enzyme Treatment
Chapter 22 Bleaching
Chapter 23 Consolidation/Fixing/Facing/Sizing
Chapter 24 Backing Removal
Chapter 25 Mending
Chapter 26 Filling and Compensation
Chapter 27 Humidification
Chapter 28 Drying and Flattening
Chapter 29 Lining and Mounting
Chapter 30 Inpainting
Chapter 31 Collage and Composite Pieces
Chapter 32
Chapter 33
Chapter 34
Chapter 35
Chapter 36
Chapter 37
Chapter 38
Chapter 39
Chapter 40 Matting and Framing
Chapter 41 Encapsulation
Chapter 42 Lamination and Impregnation
Chapter 43 Environment
Chapter 44 Exhibition/Storage
Chapter 45 Transportation/Packing
Chapter 46 Adhesives
Chapter 47 Materials/Tools/Equipement
Chapter 48 Mold/Foxing
Final Planned Chapters
Chapter 1 Fiber Identification
Chapter 2 Media Identification
Chapter 3 Media Problems
Chapter 4 Support Problems
Chapter 5 Written Documentation
Chapter 6 Visual Examination
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9 Instrumental Analysis
Chapter 10 Spot Tests
Chapter 11
Chapter 12 Mold/Fungi
Chapter 13 Foxing
Chapter 14 Surface Cleaning
Chapter 15 Hinge, Tape, and Adhesive Removal
Chapter 16 Washing
Chapter 17 Sizing/Resizing
Chapter 18 Parchment Treatments
Chapter 19 Bleaching
Chapter 20 Alkalization and Neutralization
Chapter 21 Enzyme Treatment
Chapter 22 Humidification
Chapter 23 Consolidation/Fixing/Facing
Chapter 24 Backing Removal
Chapter 25 Mending
Chapter 26 Filling Losses
Chapter 27 Suction Table
Chapter 28 Drying and Flattening
Chapter 29 Lining
Chapter 30 Inpainting
Chapter 31
Chapter 32
Chapter 33
Chapter 34
Chapter 35
Chapter 36
Chapter 37
Chapter 38
Chapter 39
Chapter 40 Matting and Framing
Chapter 41 Encapsulation
Chapter 42 Environment
Chapter 43 Exhibition/Storage
Chapter 44 Transportation/Packing
Chapter 45 Integrated Pest Management
Chapter 46 Adhesives
Chapter 47
Chapter 48

PCC Project Director: Catherine I. Maynor

Sylvia R. Albro, Sarah Bertalan, Antoinette Dwan, Holly Krueger, Elizabeth Coombs Leslie, Kitty Nicholson, Kimberly Schenck, Ann Seibert, Dianne van der Reyden, Terry Boone Wallis

PCC Editorial Assistant: Anne Pierce

A complete and unchanged copy of the print edition of the Paper Conservation Catalog can be found at Conservation OnLine (CoOL)'s Paper Conservation Catalog (print edition 1984-1994). page.

PCC 1984 Edition[edit | edit source]

Three chapters were published in the 1984 edition.

Compilers: D. Hamburg, D. van der Reyden, T. Vitale
Compilers: N. Ash, K. Nicholson
Compilers: D. Hamburg, T. Vitale

PCC 1985 Edition[edit | edit source]

In the 1985 Edition, the chapters were reorganized and the Collage and Composite Pieces chapter was also removed. Sizing became its own standalone chapter. A further three chapters were published.

Compiler: N. Ash
Contributors: B. Aitchison, V. Blyth-Hill, C.W. Bowen, M. Cohn, P. DeSantis, M Ellis, K Garlick, J. Krill, L. Kruth, M. Mickelson, K. Nicholson, A. Owen, J. Page, L. Schaffer, M. Watters
Editorial Board Liaison: K. Nicholson
Compiler: R Couch
Contributors: M. Cohen, A. King, K Nicholson, R. Parliament, R.D. Smith, P. Sparks, D. van der Reyden
Editorial Board Liaison: M. Mickelson
Compiler: P. Mohr
Contributors: D. Hamburg, M. Mickelson

PCC 1986 Edition[edit | edit source]

The proposed chapters were again edited and reorganized in the 1986 Edition. A Tape and Adhesive Removal chapter and a Suction Table Treatments chapter were added to the planned chapters. Pest Control was also added to the proposed Fumigation chapter, making it the Pest Control and Fumigation chapter. One chapter was published and the previous Alkalization and Nuetralization chapter was revised.

Editorial Board Liaison: N. Ash
Compiler: T. Jirat-Wasiutynski
Contributors: N. Ash, C. Bowen, B. Byers, G. Carriveau, M. Cohn, J. Cowan, A Dwan, T. Fairbanks, R. Irvine, D. Kushel, it Lafontaine, A. Maheux, D. van der Reyden, T. Vitale, E. Walsh, G. Young

PCC 1987 Edition[edit | edit source]

In the 1987 Edition, hinges were added to the proposed Tape and Adhesive Removal chapter, making it the Hinge, Tape and Adhesive Removal chapter. Mounting was also given its own chapter. One more chapter was published.

Editorial Board Liaison: M. Mickelson, T. Vitale
Compilers: D. Evans, B. Futernick
Contributors: N. Ash, C. Baker, K Buchberg, M. Cohn, L. Hollander, A. King, J. London, M. Mickelson, P. Mohr, K Nicholson, F. Perez, S. Rodgers Albro, D. van der Reyden, T. Vitale

PCC 1988 Edition[edit | edit source]

The 1988 Edition saw the publication of four more chapters.

Editorial Board Liaison: D. Hamburg
Compiler: W. Henry
Contributors: T. Albro, N. Ash, C. Baker, S. Barger, T. Barrett, A. Dwan, R. Espinosa, K Garlick, D. Hamburg, B. Meierjames, J. Munn, K Nicholson, K Orlenko, S. Rogers Albro, T. Vitale
Editorial Board Liaison/Compiler: S. Rogers Albro
Contributors: S. Bertalan, D. Clement, A. Craddock, A. Dwan, K. Eirk, J. Goldman, D. Hamburg, D. Hartwell, F. Herrenschmidt, E. Kaiser-Schulte, K. Keyes, J. Krill, C. Maynor, T.K. McClintock, S. Melching, M. Mickelson, J. Munn, S. Page, F. Prichett, A. Seibert, J. Sterrett, Y. Strumfels, D. Thomas, T. Vitale, M. Wafters, F. Zieske
Editorial Board Liaison: A. Dwan
Compiler: A. Owen
Contributors: T. Barrett, B. Fiske, L. Kruth, K. Nicholson, T.K. McClintock, S. Rodgers Albro, P. Volent
Editorial Board Liaison: S. Bertalan
Compilers: S. Bertalan, H. Phibbs
Contributors: M. Brown, K. Buchberg, M.B. Cohn, A. Dwan, M. Ellis, B. Fiske, R. Fishman, U. Hobson, A. King, L. Kruth, M. Lebwohl, H., Maxson, S. Melching, M. Mickelson, K Nicholson, D.H. Norris, A. Owen, F. Shores, E.K Schulte, D. Thomas, J. Thompson, D. van der Reyden, P. Volent, F. Zieske

PCC 1989 Edition[edit | edit source]

The 1989 Edition included publication of two new chapters.

Editorial Board Liaison: D. van der Reyden
Compilers: H. Burgess, D. van der Reyden, K. Keyes
Contributors: C. Baker, K. Buchberg, M. Cohn, T. Fairbanks, C. Foster, A. King, J. Krill, H. Krueger, D. Mayer, G. McKay Lodge, J. Sterrett, M. Stevenson, J. Walsh
Editorial Board Liaisons: C. Maynor, D. van der Reyden
Compilers: C. Smith with S. Bertalan, A. Dwan, J. English, C. Nicholson, S. Rodgers Albro, K. Schenck, L Stiber, S. Wagner
Contributors: C. Baker, M. Baker, L. Carlson, D. Clement, K Eirk, L. Gilliland, D. Hamburg, J. Krill, D. Mayer, T.K McClintock, F. Mowery, F. Prichett, J. Ruggles, M. Smith, J. Sterrett, D. Thomas, T. Vitale, P. Volent

PCC 1990 Edition[edit | edit source]

The 1990 Edition included publication of three new chapters.

Editorial Board Liaison: A. Dwan, K Schenck
Compilers: T. Burns Jirat-Wasiutynslci), K Potje
Contributors: N. E. Ash, K Bachmann, C. Ball, K D. Buchberg, R. Douglas, K G. Eirk, T. Fairbanks,L. Gilliland, M. Hamill, P. Jenkins, A. Maheux, J. Munn, Y. Nishio, S. Page, L. Olcott Price, C. Rickman, C. Smith, M. Smith, R. Tombs, E. C. Wendelin
Editorial Board Liaison: C. I. Maynor, D. van der Reyden
Compiler: D. D. Mayer
Contributors: C. A. Baker, C. W. Bowen, K. D. Buchberg, T. Burns, J. Carlson, M. Dirda, A. Driesse, M. Holben Ellis, E. Estabrook, B. Fiske, J. Krill, K D. Lovette, A. Maheux, H. Maxson, N. McRaney, D. Hess Norris, W. J. Rantanen,L. Samuel, S. Urry, S. Wagner, J. Weber, M. Kemp Weidner
Editorial Board Liaison: S. R. Albro, M. Mickelson, K Nicholson
Compilers: M.W. Harnly, C. Mear, J. E. Ruggles Compilers 1st Draft: C. A. Baker, L. Carlson, L. E. Hall
Contributors: N. E. Ash, L. Stirton Aust, K Eirk, J. English, P. Dacus Hamm, H. Krueger, K D. Lovette, P. DeSantis Pell, R. Perkinson, F. Prichett, M. Stevenson, L. S. Stiber, Y. Strumfels, J. Sugarman, T. J. Vitale, J. C. Walsh, M. Kemp Weidner

PCC 1992 Edition[edit | edit source]

The 1992 Edition included publication of three new chapters.

Editorial Board Liaison: S. Bertalan
Compilers: J. Derow, A. Owen
Contributors: S. Bertalan, C. E. Cain, R. Danzing, A. Driesse, K. Eirk, M. Holben Ellis, R. Fishman, B. Fiske, P. Dacus Hamm, N. Heugh, M. Hey, A. King, R. Koestler,J. Krill, K Lovette, D. Mayer, E. Morse, K Nicholson, N. Rayer, S. Riley, P. Volent, J. Walsh
Questionnaire Respondents: K Eirk, M. Holben Ellis, B. Fiske, N. Heugh, M. Lawson, E. Morse, H. Otis, M. Shelley, P. Volent
Editorial Board Liaison: KSchenck
Compilers: S. Duhl, N. Nitzberg
Contributors: R. Arnold, N. Ash, F. Bleckner, K Buchberg, E. Coombs, R. Fallon, M. Fredericks, J. Krill, J. Mankowski, B. Meierjames/Husby, J. Munn, E. O'Loughlin, K Pavelka, L. Olcott Price, N. Purinton, E. Kaiser Schulte,Y. Strumfels, S. Wagner, E. Wendelin, Winterthur Art Conservation Program 1991 first-year students, F. Zieske.
Editorial Board Liaison: A. Seibert
Compilers: E. O'Loughlin, L. Stiber
Contributors: S. Albro, N. Ash, S. Bechtold, F. Bleckner, V. Blyth-Hill, E. Buschor, M. Cleveland, S. Duhl, K Eirk, C. Gaehde, L. Gilliland, J. Goldman, S. Guild, K. Lovette, H. Maxson, B. Meierjames/Husby, W. Minter, E. Morse, K Nicholson, L. Paisley, P. Randolph, E. Schulte,M. Sierra, C. Smith, M. Smith, K Tidwell, T. Vitale, J. Walsh, M. Weidner, J. Weir, E. Wendelin, A. Witty,R. Wolbers, F. Zieske

PCC 1994 Edition[edit | edit source]

The final 1994 Edition included five new published chapters, bringing the total number of published chapters to 25. This left nine planed chapters unpublished.

Editorial Board Liaison: C. Maynor
Compiler: D. Mayer
Available for Consultation: K. Carey
Compilers: H. Krueger, S. Melching, K Nicholson
Contributors: C. Bowen, I. Brückle, J. Douglas, R. Futernick, M. Holben Ellis, K Garlick, M. Hamill, C. Hoevel, M. Holden, H. Holland, J. Klinger, J. Krill, C. Manea, S. Murphy, M. Pukownick, P. Randolph, N. Carlson Schrock.
Editorial Board Liaison: S. Bertalan
Compilers: M. Wood Lee, L. Olcott Price, S. Bertalan
Contributors: M. Florian, R. Koestler, K. Nicholson, T. Parker, T. Stanlley, H. Szczepanowska, S. Wagner
Editorial Board Liaison: T. Boone Wallis
Compilers: A. Quandt, W. Newman
Contributors: T. Albro, N. Bell, F. Bearman, L. Bigrigg, V. Bunting, D. Burns, E. Clancy, U. Berger, C. Chahine, T. Cains, C. Clarkson, M. Cobbs, A. Corbach, U. Dreibholz, D. Evetts, A. Giovannini, E. Hansen, D. Hamburg, M. Lawson, M. Maggin, J. F. Mowery, J. Munn, K. Nicholson, E. O'Loughlin, C. Paulson, D. E. Peterson, H. Phibbs, L. Price, N. Pickwoad, N. Southworth, J. Smith, N. Stolow, D. Strahan, H. Szczepanowska, J. Thompson, N. Turner, D. van der Reyden, H. Wanser, P. Young Randolph.
Compiler: K. Schenck
Contributors: R. Aitchison, J. Bernstein, C. Bowen, I. Brückle, R. Gilman Carpenter, B. Fiske, C. Foster, C. Gaehde, C. Hoevel, N. Huegh, D. Mayer, H. Maxson, T.K. McClintock, D. Hess Norris, L. Hill Paisley, Y. Strumfels, P. Volent, J. Walsh.

Book Conservation Catalog (BCC)[edit | edit source]

Unpublished Versions[edit | edit source]

In 1987 a similar effort to the PCC was begun for book conservation. A pilot committee was formed and an outline was proposed. By 1992, the proposed headings were: Selection for Treatment; Treatment Specification; Structural Elements of the Book; Treatment Problems and Solutions: Bookleaves; Treatment Problems and Solutions: Textblock; Treatment Problems and Solutions: Cover; Containers; Exhibit and Transport; and Environmental Issues. The focus was on the conservation treatment of western books from the print era. More than 30 book conservators had begun working on chapters [2]. Although the Book Conservation Catalog was never published in paper form, eighteen chapters were developed.

Wiki Publication[edit | edit source]

When the AIC Wiki launched in 2009, the Book Conservation Catalog consisted of:

Book Conservation Catalog in 2009
Section 1 -

Purpose (unwritten)
Current Focus (unwritten)

Section 2 -
Conservation Treatments

Chapter 1. Washing (Yasmeen Khan (compiler), Olivia Primanis, Gary Frost)
Chapter 2. Alkanization (Yasmeen Khan)
Chapter 3. Leaf Attachment/Sewing Repair (Pam Barrios and Meg Brown)
Chapter 4. Board Reattachment (Priscilla Anderson, Alan Puglia, and Sarah Reidell)

Section 3 -
Book Structures

Chapter 1. Endpapers (Linda Blaser and Olivia Primanis)
Chapter 2. Sewing/Leaf Attachment (Craig Jensen, Chela Metzger, and Olivia Primanis)
Chapter 3. Endbands (Donia Conn)
Chapter 4. Boards (Chela Metzger)
Chapter 5. Board Attachment (Pam Barrios and Chris McAffee)
Chapter 6. Decoration (Olivia Primanis, Mary Baughman, Kevin Auer, and Meaghan Brown)

Section 4 -

Chapter 1. Animal Skin/Leather (Jennifer Hain Teper, with assistance from Cara Bovet and Melissa Straw)
Chapter 2. Parchment (Abbey Haywood and Jim Hinz)

The list of compilers, editors, organizers, and contributors of the original BCC included: Priscilla Anderson, Kevin Auer, Pam Barrios, Mary Baughman, Linda Blaser, Cara Bovet, Meaghan Brown, Donia Conn, Carole Dyal, Gary Frost, Stephanie Gowler, Abbey Haywood, Werner Haun, Walter Henry, Jim Hinz, Craig Jensen, Yasmeen Khan, Chela Metzger, Chris McAffee, Olivia Primanis, Alan Puglia, Sarah Reidell, Susan Russick, Eleanore Stewart, Melissa Straw, Jennifer Hain Teper

Early Wiki editors and coordinators included: Laura Bedford, Lynn Kidder, Evan Knight, Christine McCarthy, and Alan Puglia

BPG Wiki[edit | edit source]

The BPG Wiki began in 2009 as 40 pages, including 26 paper conservation, 13 book conservation pages, and 1 page of shared interest. At the time, the paper and book portions of the BPG Wiki retained the names Paper Conservation Catalog (PCC) and Book Conservation Catalog (BCC).

BCC: Restructuring, Renaming, and Development[edit | edit source]

Over the years, the BCC was reorganized several times. In 2011, sections were added on Examination and Documentation, Preservation, and the Treatment of Circulating Collections. In 2014, the Book Conservation Catalog abandoned the use of section and chapter numbers. The table below shows the numbering and organization system in place in 2014, as well as chapters that were proposed but unwritten.

Book Conservation Catalog in 2014 Book Conservation Wiki in 2020
Section 1 -
Purpose statement Book Conservation Wiki home page
Section 2 -
Examination and Documentation
Chapter 1. Examination (unwritten)
Chapter 2. Documentation Documentation of Books
Other suggested, but unwritten chapters:
  • Description and Condition Reports
  • Treatment Proposals
  • Treatment Reports
  • Photo-documentation
Section 3 -
Structural Elements of the Book / Book Structures
Chapter 1. Endpapers Endpapers
Chapter 2. Sewing/Leaf Attachment Sewing and Leaf Attachment
Chapter 3. Endbands Endbands
Chapter 4. Boards Book Boards
Chapter 5. Board Attachment Board Attachment
Chapter 6. Decoration Book Decoration
Other suggested, but unwritten chapters:
  • Edge Treatments
  • Spine - style, shaping, and lining
  • Covering
  • Furniture - clasps, bosses, chains, etc.
Section 4 -
Materials or Book Materials
Chapter 1. Animal Skin/Leather Animal Skin and Leather
Chapter 2. Parchment Parchment Bookbinding
Chapter 3. Paper Paper Bookbinding
Chapter 4. Cloth Cloth Bookbinding
Other suggested, but unwritten chapters:
  • Thread

The Boards chapter was sometime considered part of this section.

Section 5 -
Conservation Treatment
Chapter 1. Washing Washing of Books
Chapter 2. Alkanization Alkalinization of Books
Chapter 3. Leaf Attachment/Sewing Repair Leaf Attachment and Sewing Repair
Chapter 4. Board Reattachment Board Reattachment
Other suggested, but unwritten chapters:
  • Board and cover repairs
  • Leather stabilization
  • Board (core) repairs
  • Text/paper treatment: dry cleaning, sizing, stain removal, humidification, mending, guarding, foldouts and inserts, leaf attachments, media issues, leaf casting, pulp fills
  • Parchment repairs
Section 6 -
Chapter 1. Selection for Preservation Selection for Preservation (BPG Wiki)
Chapter 2. Emergency Recovery (unwritten)

Chapter 3. Environmental Control and Storage (unwritten)

Chapter 4. Exhibition, Supports, Transport Exhibition, Supports, Transport (BPG Wiki)
Chapter 5. Imaging and Digitization Imaging and Digitization (BPG Wiki)
Chapter 6. Integrated Pest Management (unwritten)

Chapter 7. Staged Implementation of Treatment (unwritten)
Chapter 8. Preservation Reformatting (unwritten)
Other suggested, but unwritten chapters:

  • Assessments and Surveys
  • Handling and User Education
Housings Housings (BPG Wiki)
Encapsulation Encapsulation (BPG Wiki)
Section 7 -
Treatment of Circulating Collection
Perfect bindings (unwritten)

Double Fan Adhesive Bindings (unwritten)
Batch Treatments (unwritten)
Working with a Commercial Binder (unwritten)

Circulating Collections Repair

Major Developments[edit | edit source]

From 2012 to 2014, a “Wiki Working Group” explored ways to encourage the development of the online BPG catalogs, culminating in the April 2014 Wiki survey to gauge interest in Wiki publishing and develop goals for the catalogs. The survey showed that many experienced conservators use the Wiki for information on materials, methods, and treatment-based insights. Some BPG members -- particularly younger members and students -- indicated they wanted to participate but were unsure of where to contribute and the legitimacy of their contributions. Members indicated they would be more inclined to get involved in sharing information on the Wiki if the process was more collaborative (18%), user-friendly (16%), and if there were clearer Wiki policies (16%). Responses indicated a preference to contribute to a treatment tips section at an overwhelming 50% closely followed by editing existing text (42%), as well as adding citations and links to the Wiki (41%). The key finding was that people want easier, clearer ways to collaborate online. [3]

From 2014 to 2016, the Wiki Coordinators for the Paper Conservation Catalog and the Book Conservation Catalog worked to establish and communicate policies through pages like the BPG Contributors Toolbox, the BPG section of the Wiki Editors' Resources, and the BPG Reference and Bibliography Protocols. To encourage users to get involved with the wiki, a BPG Help Wanted page was created that lists opportunities for people to contribute, either singly or in groups. In 2016, a new page for past and future BPG Annual Meeting Tips Sessions was created.

In 2016, the Book Conservation Catalog changed its name to the Book Conservation Wiki to reflect its growing strength as a wiki and departure from the specialty group catalog format.

From 2016 to 2018, the BPG Wiki Coordinators undertook a reformatting campaign across the wiki. Standardization was crucial to allow for the future growth of the Wiki, so a template for new pages was created. Along the way, many issues were resolved, such as how to reduce numbering but still differentiate between sections, how to include links and references, and how to thank new and old contributors without top-loading the page. The elimination of the original numbered outline format made it much easier to grow and move information around in the wiki format. All of the BPG Wiki pages are now updated to the new format, thanks to the dedicated work of volunteers: Jennifer Evers, Sharon Fickeissen, Jill Iacchei, Clare Manias, and Rebecca Smyrl.

In 2019, the paper portion of the BPG Wiki followed the Book Conservation Wiki's lead and officially changed its name from the Paper Conservation Catalog to the Paper Conservation Wiki. The names of 54 other pages were also updated to include BPG in the title, clarifying the pages' purpose within the AIC Wiki.

In 2020, the BPG Wiki added the first translation to the wiki with the translation of the Drying and Flattening page into simplified Chinese.

As of 2021, there are 73 pages, including 29 paper conservation pages, 25 book conservation pages, and 19 pages of shared interest.

BPG Wiki Coordinators[edit | edit source]

Pages Added[edit | edit source]

Year Pages Added to the BPG Wiki
2011 Paper Bookbinding
2012 Selection for Preservation

Documentation of Books
Cloth Bookbinding

2013 Exhibition, Supports, and Transport

Imaging and Digitization

2014 Scrapbooks
2015 BPG Contributors Toolbox

BPG Reference and Bibliography Protocols
BPG Help Wanted
Materials, Equipment, and Tools
Circulating Collections Repair

2016 BPG Template for New Page

BPG Annual Meeting Tips Sessions
Adhesive Recipes and Tips
BPG Glossary of Terms

2017 Culturally Sensitive Treatment

Bookbinding Traditions by Region or Culture

2018 Watermarks in Paper
2019 Use of Leather in Book Conservation

History of the BPG Wiki

2020 Papyrus

Fastenings and Furniture
Case Binding

2021 East Asian Scrolls

Atlases, Foldouts, and Guarded Structures
East Asian Book Formats
Ethiopian Bindings
Greek-Style Bindings

2022 Western African Books and Manuscripts

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Striegel, Mary. October 9, 2009. “FAIC launches Conservation Wiki”. blog post. National Center for Preservation Technology and Training (NCPTT). Accessed May 2, 2020.
  2. Maynor, Catherine I. 1992. "Publications of the AIC Book and Paper Group." Journal of the American Institute for Conservation 31(1).
  3. Knight, Evan and Cher Schneider. 2014. "Summary of 2014 Book and Paper Group (BPG) Wiki Survey." Report submitted July 31, 2014 to the Publications Committee (PubComm) of the Book & Paper Group (BPG) of the American Institute for Conservation (AIC). Google Document. Accessed May 2, 2020.

Book and Paper Group Wiki
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Materials and Tips

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Examination, Documentation, and Analysis

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AIC Code of Ethics and Guidelines for Practice · Culturally Sensitive Treatment · Conservation Ethics (AIC) · Sustainable Practices (AIC) · History of Conservation and Conservators (AIC) · History of the BPG Wiki

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Structural Elements of the Book

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Treatment Techniques

Washing of Books · Alkalinization of Books · Leaf Attachment and Sewing Repair · Board Reattachment · Use of Leather in Book Conservation

Bookbinding Traditions

Bookbinding Traditions by Region or Culture · East Asian Book Formats · Ethiopian Bindings · Greek-Style Bindings · Western African Books and Manuscripts

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Circulating Collections

Circulating Collections · Case Binding