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The WORK PRACTICES section of the AIC wiki presents information created by myriad AIC groups and gathered from a variety of sources.

  • Imaging - Information on imaging technologies, applications and practices created by AIC's Imaging Working Group (IWG) in partnership with AIC's Research and Technical Studies (RATS) Specialty Group.

  • Public Relations and Outreach Toolkit - Outreach to allied professionals, the public and the press, and government at all levels is essential in promoting our profession and the work we do in preserving cultural heritage. The content on this page was initially developed by members of AIC'sEmerging Conservation Professionals Network (ECPN) along and now input and edits are sought from the entire AIC community. Please visit the page to learn how to contribute.

  • Setting up a Conservation Lab - Content on setting up a lab for private practice is being generated by various members of all AIC Specialty Groups. Please visit the page to see a list of contributors.