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This page is provides information on various projects in process and links to other Project pages on programming and maintenance of the site including updates, activities of the Wiki Working Group established in 2022, information from past wiki edit-a-thons, and wiki meetings at the AIC annual meeting. For coding tips visit the Community Portal and Help:Editing pages. Please feel free to add an update. Don't forget that there is a lot of great information on the Wiki Editors' Resources page --RPArenstein (talk) 12:16, 16 November 2016 (CST)

AIC Wiki Working Group (WWG)[edit source]

The WWG is comprised of volunteers interested in providing feedback and developing wholistic, collaborative solutions for issues that will affect the wiki site-wide. Some of the anticipated projects include:

  1. Semantic wiki – AIC received a grant from NCPTT to implement the semantic wiki update on our site. Essentially this will create an underlying database structure that will facilitate more complex search options, allow for automated menu templates, and facilitate participation with LinkedData projects. It will help us arrange content more thoughtfully and provide a clear path through our pages. We have a vendor hired to do the technical work but need guidance in moving forward with the structure based on how our users access our content. This project is anticipated to have a one kickoff meeting via Zoom and then monthly online meetings over the course of a year.
  2. LinkedData – Assist in creating a template for glossary and Lexicon content so that it can be combined into a consistent format that will facilitate participate in the LinkedData project. This project will overlap with the Semantic wiki discussion but will also involve some editing/coding of pages. This topic is anticipated to have 6 one-hour online meetings and with asynchronous work in between. Flexible time commitment over a potential six-month period.
  3. Copyright – AIC’s publications committee is updating copyright, permissions, and terms of service agreements for all its print and digital publications. Participants will review updated language for AIC’s site and provide feedback and edits on the new language. This topic is anticipated to have one, one-hour meetings and participants would then review the new language. Flexible short-term opportunity.
  4. Banners and Disclaimers – Various groups have different methods of working on our wiki. However, we can move towards consistency of language and format in our use of banners and disclaimers, which will provide for a better user experience in understanding levels of review and updates. This topic is anticipated to have 2-4 one-hour online meetings and with asynchronous work in between. Flexible time commitment over a potential six-month period.
  5. Accessibility – participants will provide feedback on visual accessibility to improve the site in accordance with best practices developed by AICs website committee and other resources. This topic is anticipated to have 1-2 one-hour meetings and participants would then review the site independently and make updates/corrections as needed with a flexible time commitment.
  6. Translation – Help develop best practice guidelines for providing non-English language translations of content on wiki pages.
  7. Best Practices – Brainstorm and provide peer to peer feedback on ways in which the various groups working on AIC’s wiki can foster interest in participation, collaborate on topics of common interest and expand use and access of the site. This topic may overlap with the semantic wiki discussions. Quarterly online meetings of any interested content leaders and wiki editors.

Updates and Maintenance[edit source]

A log of maintenance work on MediaWiki updates is kept on the Project:Updates and Maintenance page.

AIC Board Report updates[edit source]

Excerpts from the AIC e-Editor's bi-annual reports to the AIC Board are available on the Project:AIC e-Editor Board Reports page

AIC Edit-a-thons and Hack-a-thons[edit source]

Information on past Wiki events are available on the Project:AIC Edit-a-thons page