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This page records excerpts from the AIC e-Editor reports submitted bi-annually to the AIC Board.

May 2022[edit source]

Statistics[edit source]

  • The e-Editor and AIC Communications Director examined the wiki’s Google Analytics. While some of the trends in terms of work week usage remain consistent. There has been a huge jump in mobile users in the past year with mobile users surpassing desktop users in 2021 for the first time in 2021.
  • The wiki ranges from 40,000 – 66,000 page views a month with over 572,000 page views in the last year. This visitorship dwarfs that of CoOL.
  • In the last 1.5 years 63 new editors were added to the list of Creators. Over 100 new content pages were added. Over 750 image or pdf files were added to the site and over 7,200 page edits were made.
  • Top pages over the last year include the following:
    • Organic materials
    • 10 agents of deterioration
    • BPG landing page
    • Archaeological Conservation
    • BPG adhesives
    • Paintings
    • Materials testing results

Technical support and upgrades[edit source]

  • The new service contract with WikiWorks has allowed for resolution of a number of technical issues, particularly with new account creation and password recovery. Updates to widgets and extensions can now be updated as needed without delays.
  • The e-Editor and AIC Communications Director met with WikiWorks to discuss the template for the semantic wiki update in preparation for discussing the organization of the site with the members of the new wiki working group.
  • Investigation into placement of advertising for AIC supporters has begun.

Wiki Working Group[edit source]

AIC members have been applying to volunteer for the WWG to provide input on the site-wide issues. Convening the WWG should begin this summer after the AIC meeting. The focus of the initial work will be on the semantic wiki update

November 2021[edit source]

Technical support and upgrades[edit source]

After the recent server move and mediawiki update there were a number of minor technical issues that needed to be worked out. AIC will be contracting with WikiWorks for a service contract that will include regular updates to keep the MediaWiki software up to date and hours that can be used for technical troubleshooting. AIC received a NCPTT grant that will fund implementation of the semantic wiki update. This work will take two years to fully implement and will allow AIC to better participate in LinkedData projects pulling information from the Lexicon pages.

Wiki Working Group[edit source]

We will be implementing an AIC Wiki Working Group of volunteers interested in contributing input and working on the following site-wide issues.

  • Semantic wiki – AIC received a grant from NCPTT to implement the semantic wiki update on our site. Essentially this will create a underlying database structure that will facilitate more complex search options, allow for automated menu templates, and facilitate participation with LinkedData projects. It will help us arrange content more thoughtfully and provide a clear path through our pages. We have a vendor hired to do the technical work, but need guidance in moving forward with the structure based on how our users access our content.
  • LinkedData – Assist in creating a template for glossary and Lexicon content so that it can be combined into a consistent format that will facilitate participate in the LinkedData project. This project will overlap with the Semantic wiki discussion but will also involve some editing/coding of pages.
  • Copyright – AIC’s publications committee is updating copyright, permissions and terms of service agreements for all its print and digital publications. Participants will review updated language for AIC’s site and provide feedback and edits on the new language.
  • Banners and Disclaimers – Various groups have different methods of working on our wiki. However, we can move towards consistency of language and format in our use of banners and disclaimers, which will provide for a better user experience in understanding levels of review and updates.
  • Accessibility – participants will provide feedback on visual accessibility to improve the site in accordance with best practices developed by AICs website committee and other resources.
  • Translation – Help develop best practice guidelines for providing non-English language translations of content on wiki pages.
  • Best Practices – Brainstorm and provide peer to peer feedback on ways in which the various groups working on AIC’s wiki can foster interest in participation, collaborate on topics of common interest and expand use and access of the site. This topic may overlap with the semantic wiki discussions.

May 2021[edit source]

The growth in wiki editing, use and content has exploded in the past year with the increase largely attributable to pandemic related shut-down projects. Since the last report, over 33 new Creators have been trained and given access to the site. After a dip in page count with some pages being consolidated and reorganized, there are now 44 new content pages bringing the site to a total of 971. 413 new files have been added over the past five months, a large percentage being images and materials testing results. Highlights for the last period include:

  • The site server was moved to AWS and SOW#7 was completed with a substantial update to MediaWiki. The semantic wiki extension was installed but is not active. FAIC has applied to NCPTT to fund the next scope that would enable the semantic wiki. This is essential in providing better structure and search functionality for our expanded wiki. It is hoped that with project can begin before the end of 2021.
  • New content has been coordinated on material testing, instrumental analysis, choosing materials.
  • There is active editing on EMG, PMG, BPG, DEI, Imaging, ADG, Health & Safety pages along with others
  • Extensive work on the Exhibition Guidelines by a group of NPS and MWG individuals
  • Expanded links between the wiki and CAMEO
  • Although the LinkedData grant application was not funded conversations continue with the project leaders on how to contribute AIC Lexicon and Glossary info from the wiki. A working group on people interested in this topic will be explored.