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Photographic Materials Conservation Catalog

Welcome to the Photographic Materials Conservation Catalog (PMCC) WIKI, compiled by members of the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (AIC) Photographic Materials Specialty Group (PMG).

  • The Photographic Materials Group aims to support conservators specializing in photographic artworks and historic artifacts. Its goal is to encourage and facilitate the exchange of information on photograph conservation and promote the development of sound conservation practices, the publication of research, and the dissemination of information on the care of photographs.
  • The intent of the PMCC, started in 1989, is to provide updated information on the broad range of materials and topics encountered in the conservation of photographs, and promote exchange and expansion of knowledge between colleagues in the field. Three chapters were printed prior to the development of the AIC-WIKI effort in 2009: Inpainting (1994), Cased Objects (1998), and Exhibition Guidelines for Photographic Materials (2004).
  • To use this wiki you can either browse the headings below or you can type your topic directly into the search box at the top of the screen to find a page. As this effort is currently under development, many pages remain incomplete. A status banner bar at the top of each section indicates that section's stage of development. AIC's WIKI is a collaborative ongoing process that represents and benefits from the contributions of professionals in the field. Consider getting involved and sharing your expertise. Consult the page on how to contribute that includes information on getting started. You can also email a PMCC committee member listed below.
  • The PMG's PMCC WIKI pages are compiled by and for photograph conservators. However, AIC-PMG does not endorse, approve, nor recommend any treatments, methods, or techniques described herein. Individual conservators are solely responsible for determining the necessity, safety, and adequacy of a treatment for a particular object. Conservators must understand the effect of their treatment decisions and take responsibility for their own actions. This information is intended to be used by conservators, museum professionals, and members of the public for educational purposes only. It is not designed to substitute for the consultation of a trained conservator. To find a conservator, please visit AIC's Find a Conservator page.
  • The AIC-Wiki platform can host short videos on YouTube, embed YouTube videos and playlist in its wiki pages, and link to videos across the web. Please add videos that illustrate use of various tools, methods, techniques, or approaches used in the conservation of photographic materials in the appropriate sections.

AIC-PMG PMCC WIKI Committee: Luisa Casella; Amanda Maloney; Jennifer McGlinchey Sexton; Cecilia Salgado

Photographic Materials Conservation Catalog


Developing Research:

Treatment Documentation

Preventive Conservation and Emergency Recovery

Exhibition, Display and Transport

Photographic Material Types

Treatment Procedures

Connoisseurship and History


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