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Purpose of Materials and Tips[edit | edit source]

This page will link to Tips pages of other specialties that may be relevant to photographic materials as well as include new Tips added by PMG Wiki contributors.

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Treatment Tips[edit | edit source]

Water-tearing mending tissue - tools and tips[edit | edit source]

Tools that can be used to water-tear mending tissue with a feathered edge:

  • Refillable paint marker (filled with distilled water)

Wheat Starch Paste Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Preparation tip: soak in distilled water for minimum of 24 hours, inside closed glass jar kept in fridge.
  • Storage tip: store paste in refillable food pouch without straining (unstrained paste keeps longer). remove as much air as possible. Keep at room temperature (do not place in freezer).

Tools Tips[edit | edit source]

Heat Tools[edit | edit source]

  • Using an auto shut-off safety outlet helps avoid leaving electrical tools on by accident or tuning off a heat press after 1 hour

Materials Tips[edit | edit source]

Borosilicate Glass[edit | edit source]

When replacing cover glasses, it is recommended to use Borosilicate glass that has high chemical durability and low thermal expansion.

Some suppliers that colleagues have used include:

Company Name and URL Location Minimum Order Prices Notes
Cat-i-Glass South Elgin, IL 1 (in 2021) 250 USD ea. (in 2021)
Cincinnati Gasket & Industrial Glass Cincinatti, OH
Howard Glass Worcester, MA
Insaco Quakertown, PA 1,000 USD (in 2021) 333 USD ea. (in 2021) 6 weeks delivery.
McCaster-Carr Elmhurst, IL 2 weeks delivery. Fast quotes. More expensive but has low minimum order.
Pegasus Glass Cambridge, ON 2 (in 2021) 100 CAD ea. (in 2021) 2-3 weeks delivery.
Precision Glass and Optics Santa Ana, CA 25 (250 USD in 2021) 25 USD ea. (in 2021)
Swift Glass Company Elmira, NJ ca. 27 (150 USD in 2021) 5.5 USD ea. (in 2021) 2 weeks delivery. Have a setup fee that can greatly affect final cost. No sizing issues.

For a large daguerreotype panorama, a colleague used Gorilla glass from Abrisa Technologies.

Borosilicate glass has to be cut by the supplier and cannot be cut in-house with common glass cutting tools.

Note that glass suppliers have specifications for accepted scratch and dig damage so inspection of glass upon arrival is essential, and some plates may have to be replaced.

See also linked discussion post on PMG listserv.

Polyester web[edit | edit source]

Polyester web can be reused after washing, drying and flattening in heat press between silicone release papers at 200F for 20 minutes or placing in heat press and letting it cool under pressure.

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