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Ways to Contribute[edit source]

Become an AIC Wiki Editor[edit source]

  • If you would like to edit the Wiki and join the online discussions, contact the PMG Wiki Committee members. We'll help you get registered with the AIC e-Editor and get on the AIC-Wiki listserv. To become a wiki editor, you must either be familiar with wiki editing or watch the training video here.
  • Explore the guidelines for creating and maintaining pages. Review the AIC Wiki User Guidelines and the AIC-Wiki Resources page.
  • Before editing or changing a section created by another specialty group, AIC Committee, or the AIC main page, please contact the specific wiki creators and inform them of your ideas or intent.

Contribute to ongoing pages[edit source]

  • Ask the PMG Wiki Committee members about ongoing editing projects in need of assistance.
  • If you find a topic that is lacking or out-of-date, contact the the page compilers, page contributors or the PMG Wiki Committee members.

Contribute photographic illustrations[edit source]

Photographs are particularly appreciated additions to existing pages. If you have any that would fit the subject matter, please send them to us, or add them yourself if you are already a Wiki Editor.

Work off-line[edit source]

You don't have to edit the Wiki through code to contribute. If you want to add, edit, or remove something from the PMG Wiki contact the PMG Wiki Committee members and we can help you incorporate your contributions.

Community Guidelines[edit source]

Contact the page compiler or the PMG Wiki Committee[edit source]

The PMG Wiki encourages anyone to edit in the following ways:

  • It is always okay to fix typos or add citations.
  • It is always okay to add to Talk/Discussion pages.
  • It is usually okay to add information to a page. If there is a Wiki Compiler listed at the top of a page, send an email to them first, or get in touch with PMG Wiki Committee members. If you would like to make substantial edits to a page or delete content, please get in touch with us first.

To create a new page[edit source]

  • Let the PMG Wiki Committee know what page you want to add and its projected content.
  • Use the PMG template page.
  • Choose a title that is clear and succinct. Start the name with "PMG_"
  • Add Category terms at the end of the page to help search your page content.

Always provide an edit summary[edit source]

Under Summary add a brief description of the content you are adding, editing, or deleting.

Give credit for contributions[edit source]

Add your name to list of Contributors in the Page Information section. Names are listed alphabetically by last name. The History tab on each page will record what changes were made.

Cite your work[edit source]

When your contributions use a published work as reference, you must cite the work appropriately. We encourage contributors to include inline citations wherever possible. You must include a list of References at the bottom of the page.

Citing the PMG Wiki[edit source]

Adapted from BPG page section on Citing BPG Wiki

Researching with the Wiki
PMG Wiki pages aim to include robust citations and comprehensive bibliographies, providing researchers with significant texts and resources on a given topic. Many PMG Wiki pages gather and summarize already published knowledge. Where this is the case, researchers are advised to use those published sources as references when writing for publication, rather than citing the Wiki. But in some cases it may be necessary or preferable to cite a Wiki page. This could be because the content exists only on the Wiki, or in instances where citing the Wiki is useful to demonstrate current practices and popular thinking among conservators who use this resource.
It is important to keep in mind that AIC Wiki pages are frequently revised and may change over time, resulting in missing areas of citation.
How to cite the AIC Wiki
With the above caveats in mind, users are encouraged to cite PMG Wiki pages in papers, blog posts and presentations.
Please use the following citation format, which is based on the 2019 JAIC Style Guide entry for websites:

[Wiki page name]. [Date (YYYY) of last update]. Photographic Materials Group Wiki. American Institute for Conservation (AIC).[Page_Name].

Example citation for the PMG Mold Remediation page:

PMG Mold Remediation. 2020. Photographic Materials Group Wiki. American Institute for Conservation (AIC).

This format is preferable to the one listed in the 2019 JAIC Style Guide for AIC Specialty Group Catalogs (wiki editions), now that the PMG Wiki has fully transitioned from a printed catalog to a Wiki platform. Page names should not be placed in quotation marks.

The date of a page's last update can be found by scrolling to the bottom. There is no need to include an access date in the citation; the JAIC Style Guide states: “Only include access dates if there is no date of publication or date of last update.”

Don't cite the Wiki on the Wiki
When referring to PMG Wiki pages on the Wiki itself, always use an embedded link to that page (for example, PMG Mold Remediation) instead of a citation.

Copyright 2024. Photographic Materials Group Wiki is a publication of the Photographic Materials Group of the American Institute for Conservation. It is published as a convenience for the members of thePhotographic Materials Group. Publication does not endorse nor recommend any treatments, methods, or techniques described herein. Please follow PMG Wiki guidelines for citing PMG Wiki content, keeping in mind that it is a work in progress and is frequently updated.

Cite this page: Photographic Materials Group Wiki. 2024. Photographic Materials Group Wiki. American Institute for Conservation (AIC). Accessed [MONTH DAY YEAR].

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