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RPArenstein is the username for Rachael Perkins Arenstein, AIC's e-Editor who oversees development of this wiki site.

Work Experience

After working at the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian, the Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, the American Museum of Natural History and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Rachael moved into private practice and co-founded A.M. Art Conservation, LLC] in 2009. Visit A.M. Art Conservation's entry in the AIC wiki History of Conservation.

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Rachael completed internships at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the British Museum and the Israel Museum as well as other international institutions.


Rachael’s degree in art conservation is from the University of London where she studied at the Institute of Archaeology, UCL. She received her B.A. in Near Eastern Studies and Archaeology from Cornell University where she wrote her honors thesis on Dendrochronology, and excavated at Tel Miqne-Ekron in Israel.

Professional Affiliations

Rachael is a Professional Associate member of the American Institute for Conservation (AIC). She is the AIC E-editor and the Co-Chair of the Integrated Pest Management Working Group.

Contact Information

Use and at this link to contact Rachael for wiki or other AIC online platforms. For other professional matters Rachael's contact information is available through her A.M. Art Conservation website or AIC's online directory .


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Category 1: High restriction panel paintings
elephant ivory
±5% from target
Category 2: Mode rate restriction furniture
painted organics
ethnographic objects
±10% from target
Category 3: Low restriction wooden agricultural implements
±15% from target
Category 4: Minimal restriction stable decorative metals
±20% from target

(greatest to least expense)
(greatest to least attack resistance)
(least to greatest attack resistance)
(greatest to least resistance)
Monolithic acrylic
- air gap and desiccant
- glass clad
- air gap
Glass laminate (PVB)
Monolithic glass
(all systems are equal)
Acrylic/glass laminate
Monolithic glass
(all systems are equal)
Glass laminate (PVB) )
Acrylic/polycarbonate )
Monolithic glass
Laminated Glass
Monolithic Glass
(all systems are equal)
Primary Organizer Subgroup of Primary Organizer Series Title Number Conference Title Primary City Country Start Date (yyyy/mm/dd) Primary Subject Secondary Subject Tertiary Subject Notes
Institut National du Patrimone -- -- -- Public art: Legal status, maintenance and conservation Paris France 2019.10.08 General Conservation Issues Public art Legal Issues Notes
ICOM-CC Graphic Documents and Photographic Records Interim Meeting -- -- Ludwigsburg Germany 1998.04.20 Paper -- -- --
ICON Textile Group Annual Forum -- Mind the gap: Structural and aesthetic options for the treatment of loss in textiles London England 2009.04.27 Textiles -- -- --
Theatre Europe OISTAT Costume preservation in museum, theatre and fashion Breda Netherlands 2004.04.04 Textiles
State Academy of Art and Design Stuttgart Wet wood colloquium Stuttgart Germany 2006.05.12 Wood Waterlogged materials
Academic Materials Research Laboratory of Painted Artworks (ALMA) Interdisciplinary Conferences 1st New methods and topics in artwork analysis Prague Czech Republic 2006.11.07 Analysis Paintings
Academic Materials Research Laboratory of Painted Artworks(ALMA) Interdisciplinary Conferences 2nd Art and material aspects in the evaluation of the origin and age of a work of art Prague Czech Republic 2008.110.3 Analysis Paintings
North American Textile Conservation Conferences Biennial Conference 1st Fabric of an exhibition:An interdisciplinary approach Ottawa Canada 1997.09.22 Textiles
North American Textile Conservation Conferences Biennial Conference 2nd Conservation Combinations Ashville,NC USA 2000.03.29 Textiles
North American Textile Conservation Conferences Biennial Conference 3rd Strengthening the bond:Science and textiles Philadelphia,PA USA 2002.04.05 Textiles
British Museum Department of Scientific Research Mellon Symposium 2nd In situ technical imaging for art and archaeology London England 2010.07.15 Analysis
British Museum Department of Scientific Research Mellon Symposium 1st The technical examination of Old Master drawings London England 2010.05.20 Analysis Paper
British Museum Department of Scientific Research Mellon Symposium 3rd Silver and gold: investigating metalpoint drawing London England 2015.09.25 Analysis Paper
British Museum Department of Scientific Research Mellon Symposium 4th Textiles from the Silk Road in museum collections: Scientific investigations and conservation challenges London England 2018.12.10 Analysis Textiles
British Museum Department of Scientific Research Mellon Symposium 5th A closer look at murals: Recent advances in the conservation and scientific investigation of wall paintings London England 2019.05.30 Analysis Murals
Clyfford Still Museum Research Center Getty Conservation Institute Clyfford Still Museum Research Center Symposium 2nd Abstract Expressionism: Time, intention, conservation, and meaning Los Angeles,CA USA 2015.11.12 Paintings Philosophy
Doerner Institute Akademie der Bildenden Künste München/Academy of Fine Arts Munich Tempera painting between 1800 and 1950. Experiments and innovations from the Nazarene Movement to abstract art Munich Germany 2018.03.15 Paintings
China Cultural Connect Royal Museums Greenwich Heritage Conferences 4th Asiatic traditional painting: Its history and conservation Greenwich England 2013.10.18 Paintings Far Eastern art
National Gallery London Rembrandt Now: Technical practice, conservation and research London England 2014.11.13 Paintings
Rijksbureau voor Kunsthistorische Documentatie/Netherlands Institute for Art History Symposium Restauratiegeschiedenis the Hague Netherlands 2010.02.18 History of conservation