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2015 Wiki Workshop Notes

  • What does it mean to be a good digital citizen?
  • How do you feel about someone editing your work?
  • What is the value in online publication versus print?
  • How do we trumpet our accomplishments so we are aware what we are all working on and can foster collaboration?
  • Lexicon - what is the merit in this project. If we don't agree with the AATA definition what does it matter? If they are selling their lists to CMS and we don't agree what happens then?

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De Marinis Anthony [email protected]
Dignard Carole [email protected]
French Jennifer [email protected]
Getts Anne [email protected]
Hargrove Suzanne [email protected]
Lockshin Nora [email protected]
Moffitt Kirsten Travers [email protected]
Morgan Suzanne [email protected]
Ritchie Fran E. [email protected]
Springer Samantha [email protected]
Squires James [email protected]
Stockman Denise [email protected]
Sullivan Michelle R. [email protected]
Uhlir Shelly [email protected]
Watkins Stephanie [email protected]