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This page is a compendium of information gleaned from our various wiki edit-a-thons, wiki meetings at the AIC annual meeting and other tips. Please feel free to add a tip or an update. Don't forget that there is a lot of great information on the Wiki Editors' Resources page --RPArenstein (talk) 12:16, 16 November 2016 (CST)

2015 Wiki Hack-A-Thon

Proposed schedule for the AIC Wiki Workshop to be held May 2013, 2015 Miami

9:00-9:30 Introductions - Who you are, where you are from, what you know and what you'd like to know about wikis
9:30–10:00 Introduction to preservation wikis - a.k.a. a word from our sponsors

10:00–10:30 Morning Refreshment Break
10:30–11:00 Instruction I: Coding Instruction (split into groups by experience level)

11:00– 11:30 Work time to code based on Instruction Session I - opportunity to implement the tips and tricks from the instruction session
11:30–12:00 Instruction II:

  1. Copyright, fair use, digital commons and digital etiquette - Nora Lockshin
  2. Posting images and video - Rachael Arenstein

12:00–1:30 Lunch
1:30–2:00 Instruction III:

  1. Cross-referencing and integration - Suzy Morgan
  2. Validity banners and peer review - Rachael Arenstein

2:00– 3:00 Work time to code based on Instruction Sessions II & III - opportunity to implement the tips and tricks from the instruction session
3:00–3:30 Afternoon Refreshment Break
3:30– 4:30 Hack-a-thon – Free-time to work independently or in topic groups with Group Leaders

  • Suzy Morgan - EMG
  • Samantha Springer - Materials Testing
  • Shelly Uhlir - Mountmaking
  • Stephanie Watkins - PMG wiki
  • Michele Derrick - CAMEO

and more...

Wiki Tips

Tip #1 Summary

“What am I supposed to put into that Summary field at the bottom of the Edit page? Is it important?”
Rather than reinvent the wheel I will point you to the MediaWiki answer which is a bit long, but the gist of it is that putting even a short entry into the Summary field is very useful in helping colleagues understand the purpose of your edits. The wiki entry gives useful information on what and how to summarize.

Additionally entering information into the summary field is also critical when uploading an image or file into the wiki’s document library. To give you an example of why, try typing datalogger into the search box on the wiki. You’ll see that there are several pages where datalogger is in either the title or text of the page. Next, try an advanced search. Click on the check box next to File and then click on the Advanced Search button at the bottom of the page. You’ll see that this advanced search was able to retrieve several images of dataloggers that I uploaded. Even though the word datalogger wasn’t in the file name, the search found it in the summary. Next time you edit on the wiki – give it a try!

Tip #2 Undo v. Rollback

In the last training session I was asked the difference between the Undo and Rollback functions seen in the History tab. I am happy that I correctly gave the broad outline but I promised to double check and provide more details. The MediaWiki help pageprovides a very clear explanation of the differences in these two ways of reverting to earlier versions of the text.

In short, if you need to undo work you will probably want to use the Undo function rather than Rollback as it as it allows for more specificity and provides the ability to add a summary to explain your change (nice tie in with Tip #1 on Summaries earlier this week!). As I mention on the training calls, knowing that you can revert to an earlier version of a page should hopefully give you confidence that you can’t “mess up” anything. Our site is secure but, if you ever notice vandalism on a page that needs to be removed, that should be reported to me or to the AIC office immediately.

Tip #3 MS Word Add-in for MediaWiki

"Do you have content already written in MS Word that you’d like to add to the wiki?"
Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to redo all your groovy Word formatting when you paste it into the wiki edit window? There was a link to a Word to Wiki markup macro on our Wiki Editor’s Resources page that I was never able to make function (although if anyone else had success that would be interesting to know). I searched around and found a newer MS Word Add-In for MediaWiki markup that worked when I tested it out. Voila!

I placed a link to this on our AIC Wiki Main page near the bottom under the getting started section. Even when using this program there will still be some work reformatting your text for appearances but this should be a substantial time saver. I hope that if you give it a try you will provide any feedback to the group on the Discussion tab for this page.

Tip #4 Assigning categories

There are so many things to remember when setting up a new page but, if you can, try to remember to assign a Category. It is quick and easy to do – you just insert it as an internal link with the Category: prefix e.g.. If you click on a category link it will take you to a page with a listing of all other pages with the same category tag, making it easy for a reader to browse through related articles.

  • Check out an example of its use in the PMG catalogue by clicking on the Category link in the box at the bottom of the page

  • See the list of current categories on our wiki in the Special Pages > List of Pages > Categories (access Special Pages from the left hand menu under Tools)

If you are responsible for a page – check whether a Category tag is present. If not please go ahead and add one as an Edit-A-Thon month contribution!

Tip #5 Indenting

This useful tip on paragraph formatting comes from User:LBedford one of BPG wiki chairs:
Most text coming from a word processing document can be copied directly into a wiki page, but tab spacing doesn’t transfer. To create an indent at the beginning of a line, use a colon : Multiple colons at the beginning of the line will move the text further to the right, as if it had been tabbed over.

Tip #6 Inserting links

There are two frequently used types of links: an internal link which connects to another page within the AIC wiki, and an external link that connects to a site out on the internet.

  • Internal link: Page Name displays a hyperlink to the desired page.
If you want to replace the displayed page name in your sentence with other text, insert a vertical pipe and a blank space after the page name: spot test. BPG editors have made an example in the Composition section of the cloth page. (Hit the Edit link to the right of the section header to see the code details.)
As with the internal links above, adding a vertical pipe and a blank space after the url will allow you to display other text that will be hyperlinked to your desired internet page. I’ve made some examples in the Bibliography section of the cloth page.

Note: with both these links, the blank space after the vertical pipe is critical to get the first word of the different text to appear correctly.

MediaWiki offers even more linking advice.

Tip #7 Notification of updates

There are two easy ways to be kept abreast of edits on a wiki page of interest to you.

1. Use the WATCH tab in the wiki. First though you need to click on Preferences on the top header bar and make sure in your Email settings that you have entered your email and then checked E-mail me when a page or file on my watchlist is changed. Next, navigate to a page that is of interest to you and click on the Watch tab. Next time another AIC wiki creator edits your watched page you will receive an email update.

User:Kholbrow posted a tip on the OSG Discussion page on how to use RSS feeds to stay on top of things. You can track other people's changes by adding an RSS Feed to your browser-- When you are in AICWiki, click on the little orange RSS icon and the feed will come up. Or you can cut and paste the URL into your iGoogle page.

Tip #8 Adding Images

During the workshop we will be doing an exercise using images generously donated by Fine Arts Conservancy.

Tip #9 Citations

As of May 2015 This new extension has been added to facilitate citations on the AIC wiki [1]

Tip #10 Validity Banners

A number of Validity Banners are used throughout the site to indicate stages of editing and peer review. A consistent format for these banners is sought.

Tip #11 Embedding a YouTube link with preview window

As of May 2015 the AIC wiki has added a widget to allow for a preview window for YouTube videos to be placed on the wiki page. The widget syntax is {{#widget:YouTube|id=...|width=...|height=...}}. Copy the ID from the desired YouTube video.

An example is

this page links to wiki pages where this code could be used

Tip #12 Thinking about our audience

Our wiki platform is a space where each SG, committee, task force, etc. can develop their own content and so each catalogue or entry will be somewhat different in tone and style, but I wanted to remind our Creators that the original intent for the platform was as a place to put professional content by conservators, for conservators. Already we have broadened that scope a bit to include allied professionals but, as you write, please keep your audience of colleagues in mind. That’s doesn’t mean that our content shouldn’t be well written and engaging! For those of you writing more technical entries, check out this blog post by Alan Hogg, a former conservator who went on to get his PhD in atmospheric science and now teaches writing for the sciences.

We have other resources on the AIC website geared more for the general public including the “How to Care For your Treasures” series (and updates are in the works for these pages). I hope that if/when the public finds an entry on our wiki that they will say something to the effect of “hmmm… that seems pretty technical and involved. I’d better call a conservator!”.

Tip #13 Removing link to an image

Sometimes you want to put a small image in to highlight a link or text for instance, the little pdf logo or the YouTube logo. But you don't want people clicking on those small thumbnail images and going to that image page. Using the code |link= within the file link will remove the link to that image. To see the difference look at the examples below:
Download the Archaeological Discussion Group's Fieldwork Checklist Pdf logo - small.gif
Download the Archaeological Discussion Group's Fieldwork Checklist Pdf logo - small.gif In the upper link the pdf logo is itself a link making it confusing what the user is supposed to click on. In the lower example the pdf logo is not.


May 5, 2015 site maintenance

January 2013 Edit-a-thon

December 16, 2012 site maintenance

The following work was completed on the site by contractor Ike Hecht of WikiWorks:

  • Update MediaWiki version - The MediaWiki version was updated from 1.14.0 to 1.20.2, which is the latest stable version. The old version of MediaWiki together with its database is still available on the server in the /mediawiki-1.14 directory. Due to rewrite rules, this directory is currently inaccessible from the web.
  • Update extensions - The following extensions were brought up to their latest versions:
  • Cite
  • Math – modified to use the external script at :
  • Lockdown
  • The following extension was removed: Password Reset – This extension is currently incompatible with the new version of MediaWiki and was deemed unnecessary. It has since been largely replaced with core functionality.
  • Password Reset replacement - Resetting passwords in MediaWiki is now largely provided by the Special:PasswordReset page. Users who have supplied email addresses can use this to reset their own passwords and Admins can use it to reset others’ passwords. If it is a requirement in the wiki to reset passwords for users who have not supplied email addresses, the options available will need discussion.
  • Update skin - The custom monobook-based AIC skin was updated to work with the latest version of MediaWiki. A bug in the original skin that caused formatting errors on special pages was corrected. The “About our funder” box was moved from its erroneous placement in the skin into the Main Page’s code.
  • URL structure - The URL structure was simplified. The wiki is now found at: . However, the previous URL structure still works. For example:
  • The mediawiki extended toolbar was added
  • Modifications were made to the navigation sidebar but these remain incomplete until the image files can be added fix the appearance.

September 2012 Edit-a-thon

January 2012 Edit-a-thon