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The AIC Wiki is sponsored by the American Institute for Conservation with content created by the various AIC Specialty Groups, Networks and Committees. Several of the Specialty Groups had "AIC Conservation Catalogs," compendia of working knowledge on materials and techniques used to preserve and treat works of art and historic artifacts. The series, begun in 1985 in print format and still in active development, was intended to be updated on an ongoing basis as techniques, technologies, and modes of practice evolve. Placing this content on the AIC wiki platform allows for easy and timely collaborative editing and also provide much broader access to these resources, ensuring that innovative methods and materials are documented and widely disseminated to practicing conservators and conservation scientists. Other groups have documented their knowledge bases directly on this wiki platform. Each section of the wiki may have a different organizational structure and while there is an overall template for many entries, these have been modified to meet the needs of each group.

Check Out What's New![edit | edit source]

The original text from the 1999 CD-ROM Exhibit Conservation Guidelines developed by Toby Raphael and Nancy Davis and published by the National Park Service is now available in the Exhibition Standards & Guidelines pages. This content is now under active development to update the core text and TechNotes.

CollectionStorage Cover 20190903.jpg

Glimpse inside the new volume Preventive Conservation: Collection Storage to read the chapter abstracts or order your copy now from AIC's online store.

Visit the new Accessing Conservation Literature page for a general guide for how to find current research and relevant articles in the conservation literature. This page was started by BPG with the hope that it will become a centralized place that all specialty groups will continue to expand on. Please visit the page for more details on how to contribute.

There's a new Gels page with an introduction and overview of Gels, Thickeners, and Viscosity Modifiers. The use of these materials in conservation spans disciplines: this is intended to be a cross-disciplinary starting bibliography for those seeking a brief overview of important conservation materials.

Click on the subjects below to access the in depth content as well as to view more information on the original source and format.

Getting Started[edit | edit source]

To contribute to the AIC wiki please:

  • Read up - Read the AIC wiki user guidelines page for background information on how to use and contribute to this resource.
  • Identify yourself - Contact the AIC e-Editor to indicate your interest and be put in touch with the appropriate AIC Wiki Chairs and Editors
  • Get trained - The AIC e-Editor will create an account with Creator level access after training has been completed. Training can be obtained in one of three ways:
  1. Participate in one of AIC's online training sessions held throughout the year.
  2. View the AIC wiki training video on YouTube or
  3. Verify that you are already conversant with MediaWiki editing.
There is a training video specific for ECPN members also available on YouTube.
  • Play in the Sandbox! It's a consequences-free place where you can learn how to use the wiki platform and wiki code, including templates! Practice here until you feel comfortable. For useful tips visit the Wiki Editors' Resources and the Current events pages.
  • Start with small edits, such as fixing typos or formatting lists. Fill in small gaps of missing information, such as the translations on the Lexicon terms pages. Convert static (read: written out but not actually linked) links to working links, such as those in Bibliographies and "Read More" sections of pages. More examples of all-purpose pages, in need of small edits or content, can be found on the help wanted page.

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A Message about our funder[edit | edit source]

This website was developed under a grant from the National Park Service and the National Center for Preservation Technology and Training. Its contents are solely the responsibility of the American Institute for Conservation and do not necessarily represent the official position or policies of the National Park Service or the National Center for Preservation Technology and Training.

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