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In preparation for AIC's January wiki edit-a-thon month the AIC wiki Main Page has been updated to allow us to highlight the work of all the Specialty Groups, Committees, Task Forces as well as the other content that has been created for this platform. Some of the sections have been created in preparation for content that is underway or expected soon. Comments and feedback directed to the AIC e-Editor are always welcome. --RPArenstein 01:30, 24 December 2011 (UTC)

Pages to Merge[edit source]

Let's make a list of pages with similar or redundant content that could be merged. Associations of original source material with particular specialty groups could be indicated with banner templates. --Smorgan (talk) 18:25, 22 July 2014 (CDT)

Parchment (PCC) with Books Section 4 - Material - Chapter 2. Parchment

Washing (BCC) with Washing (PCC)

Alkalinization with Alkalization and Neutralization

Documentation with Written Documentation (PCC)

My understanding is PMG Documentation is "graduating" soon to the Main AIC Wiki as the information presented is applicable AIC wide and not PMG specific. Any techniques specific to documenting photographic material will reside in PMG's Doc page and internally linked to the main page. At that time, PCC's Written documentation could be merged in as a way to update any outdated information, also. Up to PCC WIKI committee, however. --SWatkins Aug 16, 2014.

Problem Links[edit source]

When you click on "Using Footnotes and References on MediaWiki", the resulting page says Bad Title: The requested page title contains invalid characters: "|". Link updated --RPArenstein (talk) 03:12, 25 September 2015 (CDT)