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Portrait of the author contemplating the problem of moldy books.

Suzy Morgan is a library and archives conservator, currently located in a very hot part of the American Southwest known as Tempe, AZ. She is the Preservation Specialist for the Arizona State University Libraries. In a previous incarnation, she worked as the Web Manager for the Newberry Library.

She is the webmaster for the Electronic Media group and also a civilian member of the Book and Paper Group, but will gladly help out on any part of the Wiki, regardless of specialty group. Just send her an email at:

In her spare time she also runs the Multilingual Bookbinding and Conservation Dictionary wiki, a project she created in 2011.

Her personal portfolio is Digital Cellulose. On Twitter she tweets as @kw33n5uzicus, about things both conservation and non-conservation related.

It is also rumored that she is the brains behind the Conserve This! Tumblr blog.