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FAIC Oral History Project[edit | edit source]

The Oral History Project, established in 1975 by the Foundation for Advancement in Conservation (FAIC), has resulted in the creation of an archive of transcripts of interviews with over 400 conservators, conservation scientists, and related professionals. These documents now form an invaluable record on the history of the field. Access the FAIC Oral History Project Interviewee List and visit the FAIC Website Oral History Page for more information on:

  • The History of the Project
  • How to Get Involved
  • Accessing the Archives

History of Conservation[edit | edit source]

Information on milestones in the development of conservation disciplines.

  • Collection Care Milestones
  • History of Paper Conservation
  • History of Archaeological Conservation
  • History of Textile Conservation
  • History of Paintings Conservation

History of Conservators, Labs & Studios[edit | edit source]

The AIC wiki offers an opportune platform for creating a biographical dictionary of conservators and conservation facilities (institutional and regional labs, private practices and studios) that will create:

Today’s active conservators quickly become tomorrow’s retired and forgotten figures about whom little information is readily available, as a result, entries are encouraged while information is available on relevant members of the field. While current practitioners may be listed, this site is meant to be used for documentation rather than business or referral purposes. To find a conservator who can provide client services please visit the AIC website’s Find A Conservator page.

Conservators[edit | edit source]

Conservation Laboratories and Studios[edit | edit source]

Regional Groups and Guilds[edit | edit source]

How to Submit an Entry[edit | edit source]

While current entries in the AIC History of Conservation and Conservators wiki are for conservators, conservation scientists and allied professionals who are retired or deceased, the guidelines for inclusion are flexible. If you would like to be included or suggest a colleague for mention please contact AIC's e-Editor user:RPArenstein.

Template for Individual Entry[edit | edit source]

A template has been created to help standardize entry layout. To contribute, start a subpage on your user page.

  • Copy the following text and paste it into the subpage you just created: {{subst:HistoryofConservationandConservators}}
  • Save your subpage and then click on the Edit tab to fill out your entry.

Entries may contain any or all of the following information.

Full name (last name, first name):
Other names known by:
Date and place of birth:
Date and place of death:
Education (degrees):
Notable teachers/mentors:
Notable students:
Employment (highlights):
Professional association involvement:
Special achievements, honors or awards:
Relatives of note:
Curriculum vitae: (with link if available)
Images: (with links if available)
Publications: (with links if available)
Conference presentations: (with links to conference programs, text of presentations, audios or videos of presentations)
FAIC Oral History entry: yes/no (with link if available)
Location of papers or archives:
Contact Information:

Template for Lab/Studio entry[edit | edit source]

A template has been created to help standardize entry layout. To contribute, start a new page.

  • Copy the following text and paste it into the page you just created: {{subst:HistoryofLabs/Studios}}
  • Save your page and then click on the Edit tab to fill out your entry.
  • Link your new page by adding your entry to the History of Conservation Laboratories and Studios page.

Entries may contain any or all of the following information and additional topics or headers can be added as necessary or desired.

Background of the Institution
  • Milestones
  • Dimensions
History of the Laboratory/Studio
Staff History
  • Conservators
  • Lab Assistants
  • Conservation Interns
  • Conservation Volunteers
  • Analytical Equipment
  • Pest Eradication Equipment
  • Photo-documentation Equipment
Further Reading & Viewing
  • Social Media
  • Articles by Staff
  • Interviews & Media Appearances
External Links

Template for Regional Groups and Guilds[edit | edit source]


Bibliography and Further Readings[edit | edit source]

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