Robert L. Feller

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Full name (last name, first name): Feller, Robert L.

Robert L. Feller in his lab

Other names known by: Bob, Dr. Feller
Date and place of birth: December 27, 1919 in Linden, New Jersey
Date and place of death: August 2, 2018 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Nationalities: American
Education (degrees):

  • BA Dartmouth College 1941
  • M.S. Dartmouth 1943
  • PhD. in physical-organic chemistry, Rutgers University 1950

Notable teachers/mentors:
Notable students:

  • Andrew Lins

Employment (highlights):
After completion of his PhD, Feller became engaged in research on conservation-related problems, initially as senior fellow of the National Gallery of Art Research Project (1950) and later (1997) as director of the Research Center on the Materials of the Artist and Conservator at Mellon Institute (now Carnegie Mellon Research Institute), Pittsburgh. Following retirement in 1988 he was director emeritus of the Research Center

Professional association involvement:
Special achievements, honors or awards:

Relatives of note:

Curriculum vitae: (with link if available)
Images: (with links if available)
Publications: (with links if available) “Factors Affecting the Appearance of Picture Varnish”, Science, June 7, 1957, Vol. 125. no. 3258, pp. 1143 – 1144
On Picture Varnishes and Their Solvents, by Robert L. Feller, Nathan Stolow, and Elizabeth H. Jones, 1959, Intermuseum Conservation Association
Conference presentations: (with links to conference programs, text of presentations, audios or videos of presentations)
FAIC Oral History entry?: (with link if available)Conducted by Maura F. Cornman on April 5, 1977 (Interview annotated by Rebecca Rushfield February 2010)

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