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Overview[edit source]

Authors/Creators retain copyright for all materials submitted to the AIC wiki and are free to publish their content elsewhere. Authors are responsible for obtaining permission to publish any material uploaded to the site including photographs, illustrations, data, etc. from copyright holders, or owners, and to provide appropriate credits. Please note that if the material was prepared within the scope of your employment as an employee of an organization other than AIC, the Creator attests that they have received permission from their employer to share the submitted content.

For more information visit the wiki's User Guidelines page.

Consent for Use[edit source]

By submitting content to AIC's wiki site, any/all Authors/Creators consent to the following:
1. Grant of Rights.

(a) I grant the AIC (collectively, the “Publisher”) a non-exclusive, perpetual, worldwide right to include the Work. I further grant the Publisher the right to reproduce the Work in any medium now known or hereafter discovered, including, without limitation, searchable archives and databases, in each case in the context of promoting the scholarly mission of the Publisher. I understand that original layout and formatting may be altered in any subsequent use. I agree that the Publisher shall have sole discretion whether to publish the Work.
(b) In addition, I grant the Publisher a non-exclusive, perpetual, worldwide right to (i) create, have created and

authorized third parties to create and own abstracts of the Work (each, an “Abstract”), and (ii) publish and authorize third parties to publish any such Abstract (including any Abstract I provide to AIC), in each case in any form and in any medium now known or hereinafter discovered.

2. Underlying Ideas. I understand, and the Publisher acknowledges, that I retain my rights in the original ideas, data and analyses reflected in my Work, and that I may freely discuss and develop them in other contexts. I agree that if I later use or present similar or related materials, including excerpts from the Work itself, I will not in any way designate them as, or indicate that they are or were, endorsed, sponsored, or approved by the Publisher or otherwise associated with the Publisher.

3. Publicity. I grant the Publisher the right to use my name, biographic material, voice, portrait, and likeness for the purpose of publicizing the Work, pursuant to the rights granted above.

4. Compensation. Unless explicitly agreed otherwise, I waive any and all compensation from the Publisher for the grant or exercise of the rights granted above. I waive any "moral rights" that I might otherwise have in the Work or any works derived there from.

5. Warranties. I represent and warrant that nothing in my Work violates or infringes any copyrights, trademarks, patents, or other property rights or personal rights of others, and either that:

(a) I am the sole author and owner of all rights in the Work, including all materials included in the Work; or
(b) to the extent my Work includes materials that are not original to me, or in which all rights are not owned by me, I have obtained all written consents necessary for Publisher to exercise all rights to the Work granted above. I further represent and warrant that none of the material included in the Work has been previously published, or if it has been previously published, in whole or in part, that I have obtained all written consents necessary for Publisher to exercise all rights in the Work granted above. I will provide all such consents to Publisher no later than 30 days after executing this Agreement. If all necessary consents are not provided, Publisher may refuse to publish my Work or may require me to modify the Work to remove any materials not written by me or owned by me.

6. Indemnification. I agree to hold the Publisher, its members, officers, directors, employees, agents, licensees, and assigns harmless and indemnify them for any costs, claims, or losses whatsoever (including reasonable attorney's fees and costs) which may arise, in whole or in part, out of my submission of my Work to Publisher or Publisher’s exercise of any of the rights granted above.

Reproduction and Use[edit source]

AIC's wiki may not be reproduced in its entirety. Individual articles may be reproduced if permission has been granted by AIC. Downloadable content or images may be reproduced for educational or research purposes with permission of the by the copyright owner and proper citation attributed.

Notice and Take-down Policy[edit source]

If you are a rights holder and are concerned that you have found material on this website for which you have not granted permission (or is not covered by a copyright exception under US copyright laws), you may request the removal of the material from our site by submitting a notice, with the elements described below, to e-Editor. Please include the following in your notice:

  • Identification of the material that you believe to be infringing and information sufficient to permit us to locate the material (including the specific URL of each item in dispute);
  • Your contact information, such as an address, telephone number, and email address;
  • A statement that you are the owner, or authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of an exclusive right that is allegedly infringed and that you have a good-faith belief that use of the material in the manner complained of is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law;
  • A statement that the information in the notification is accurate and made under penalty of perjury, and
  • Your physical or electronic signature.

Upon receiving a notice that includes all of the details listed above, we will remove the allegedly infringing material from public view while we assess the issues identified in your notice. No action will be taken to remove content until all of the necessary information is provided.

Resources[edit source]

For a good introduction to copyright see Copyright Basics.