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Conservation Decision Making - Annotated Bibliography

The bibliographic references listed below are readings that AIC members have found useful in their courses for teaching students in conservation and museum studies programs about the decision making process for conservation treatments. References are followed by the name of the individual who first offered the recommendation. This list is for education purposes and is a work in progress.

Contributors: S. Davis, M. Marincola, E. Pearlstein. R. Stein

Salvador Muñoz Viñas, Contemporary Theory of Conservation, Butterworth-Heinemann, 2004. [Chapter 5 is particularly relevant]

Paul Eggert, Securing the Past: Conservation in Art, Architecture and Literature, Cambridge University Press, 2009. [Prof. Eggert is an English literature specialist and approaches art conservation from the field of textual amendation. Particularly good discussion of the Sistine ceiling controversy.]

James Beck[reference to be added]. [In the context of teaching about this book should be balanced by articles that were published after his book]

Ségolène BergeonLangle, “Polemics surrounding the restoration of painting and sculpture: a short history.” Zeitschrift für Kunsttechnologie und Konservierung 15(1) 2001: 7-24. [This reference offers a conservator's overview of cleaning controversies]

William J. Diebold,“The Politics of Derestoration: The Aegina Pediments and the German Confrontation of the Past,” Art Journal 54/2 (Summer 1995), 60-66.

Jeffrey Spier,"Blinded with Science: the Abuse of Science in the Detection of False Antiquities," Burlington Magazine, Vol. 132, No. 1050 (Sept. 1990),623-631.
John Richardson's "Crimes Against the Cubists" in the NY Review of Books, 1983. [This article intelligently sets out the problems with varnishing Cubist pictures,and the subsequent protest letter to the editor from Caroline Keck, followed by a response from Richardson]

Roberts, Zoe.“Decision making and the broadening of conservation boundaries: a personal perspective.” Textile Conservation: Advances in Practice. Eds. Frances Leonard and Patricia Ewer. London: Elsevier, 2010. 269-76.
Ewer, Patricia “Treatment Options – What are we Conserving?” Textile Conservation: Advances in Practice. Eds. Frances Leonard and Patricia Ewer.London: Elsevier, 2010. p.53-62 [These two articles in this book touches on many current general issues in the field of conservation (not only relevant to textiles) and grounds them within practical, applied examples or case studies. Many of the contributions are very accessible and useful to undergraduate and graduate students.]