STANDARD 11: Exhibit Mounts and Supports

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The following Standards and Guidelines are a work in progress intended to spur discussion between exhibit personnel, conservators and other museum professionals. Please check back in the future as information is added to expand on the Guidelines without currently active links.
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STANDARD 11 Exhibit mounts and supports must be carefully designed to promote object safety and fulfill the Conservation Requirements[edit | edit source]

An object mount can play an active role in conservation by protecting an object from such risks as theft or physical damage. A well-designed mount will provide support to weak areas, distribute weight safely across a brittle or fragile object, and secure loose parts from moving unintentionally. Mounts can also provide cushioning, which will protect the object from shocks and vibration. Conversely, and as important, a poorly designed mount can create damage by physically stressing an object or exposing it to contact with harmful materials. Because proper mount design is critical to object preservation, it should begin early in the design stage and should involve conservator input as necessary.

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Guideline 11.1: The mounting requirements of exhibit objects are planned early in the design phase.

Why is it important to plan mounts early in the design phase?

Guideline 11.2: Design of mounts promotes object-safety and always provides appropriate support

Why is appropriate mount design essential to the conservation of exhibit objects?
What are the main recommendations to ensure object-safe mount design?
What are the main options when selecting exhibit mounts?
When should a conservator be involved in mount design?

Guideline 11.3: Object-safe materials are used to construct mounts

Why is it essential to use object-safe materials to construct mounts?
What materials can be used to construct object-safe mounts?