STANDARD 20: Preventing Pest Damage

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STANDARD 20: Mitigating Pest Hazards
Effective measures must protect exhibit objects from damage by pests
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Pests, which include insects, rodents and molds, pose a threat to exhibit objects, especially organic materials. Objects may be consumed as a source of food or shredded, by rodents, for nesting materials. Molds and the excrement from insects and rodents can weaken and stain objects.

Guideline 20.1: Museum policies are instituted to discourage the presence of pests

What policies can discourage the presence of pests?
How is an IPM Program implemented?

Guideline 20.2: Exhibit design discourages the presence of pests

What exhibit design techniques discourage pests?

Guideline 20.3: Controls discourage the presence of pests

What controls will discourage growth of molds?
How does exhibit lighting affect insects?