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Development of the PMG Wiki[edit | edit source]

In 2009, the Foundation for Advancement in Conservation (FAIC) launched the AIC Wiki with funding assistance from the National Center for Preservation Technology and Training (NCPTT), a division of the National Parks Service. [1]. This year the three existing Photographic Materials Conservation Catalog printed chapters became online wiki pages. Three other chapters that had been started prior to the AIC Wiki launch were also included in the new PMG wiki. Various photographic materials bibliographies were added as well. Over time, new chapters and pages have been added, edited and moved as deemed necessary by the PMG Wiki Committee Chair and Members. For more on the PMG Wiki, see AIC News Article dated March 2023[2].

Photographic Materials Conservation Catalog[edit | edit source]

At the 1989 Kansas City Winter Meeting, the Photographic Materials Group nominated a catalog organizing committee to survey the membership about initiating a photographic materials conservation catalog similar in concept to the Paper Conservation Catalog (PCC). Committee members, Nora Kennedy, Sarah Wagner, and John McElhone, surveyed the membership to determine the need for such a resource, if the PCC format would be a good format to follow, and if members would volunteer to become chapter compilers and contribute to outlines. The results of this survey were presented at the AIC-PMG Meeting in Richmond in 1990. The membership endorsed the idea of starting a conservation catalog, with the understanding that a rigid production schedule could not be initiated due to the limited size of the membership and volunteer nature of the project.

Photographic Materials Conservation Catalog published Chapters[edit | edit source]

Published 1994
Compilers Debra Hess Norris, Kathy Gillis, Alison Luxner
Contributors Gary Albright, Theresa Andrews, Barbara Brown, Hilton Brown, Debora Derby, Marc Harnly, Greg Hill, Anna Hoffman, Marion Hunter, Nora Kennedy, Michael Lee, Barbara Lemmen, Joy Turner Luke, Holly Maxson, Constance McCabe, John McElhone, Paul Messier, José Orraca, Zora Sweet Pinney, Nancy Reinhold, Kim Schenck, Carol Turchan, Sarah Wagner.

Cased Photographs
Published 1998
Compiler John P. McElhone
Contributors Gary Albright, M. Susan Barger, Valerie Baas, Lee Ann Daffner, Deborah Derby, Tom Edmondson, Monique Fischer, Chris Foster, Lynne Gilliland, Marion L. Hunter, Jr., Wayne King, Barb Lemmen, Mark H. McCormick-Goodhart, Angela Moor, Ian Moor, Peter Mustardo, Debbie Hess Norris, Nancy Reinhold, Andrew Robb, Elena Bulat, and Annabelle Chabauty.

Exhibition Guidelines for Photographic Materials
Published 2004
Compilers Doug Severson (1992 -1993), Stephanie Watkins (1993-2004)
Contributors Catherine Ackerman, Nancy Ash, Sarah Bertalan, Jean-Louis Bigourdan, Barbara N. Brown, Ed Buffaloe, Carol Crawford, Corinne Dune, Thomas M. Edmondson, Debra Evans, Julia Fenn, Betty Fiske, Gwenola Furic, Judy Greenfield, Doris Hamburg, Marc Harnly, Pamela Hatchfield, Cathy Henderson, Nancy Heugh, Ana Hofmann, Emily Klayman Jacobson, Martin Jürgens, Nora Kennedy, Daria Keynan, Lyn Koehnline, Barbara Lemmen, Holly Maxson, Constance McCabe, John McElhone, Cecile Mear, Jennifer Jae Mentzer, Jesse Munn, Rachel Mustalish, Douglas Nishimura, Leslie Paisley, Sylvie Pénichon, Hugh Phibbs, Dr. Boris Pretzel, Dr. Chandra Reedy, Nancy Reinhold, Andrew Robb, Grant Romer, Kimberly Schenck, Douglas Severson, Tracey Shields, Angela Thompson, Sarah Wagner, Clara von Waldthausen, Dr. Mike Ware, Stephanie Watkins, Dr. Paul Whitmore, Faith Zieske, Edward Zinn.

Photographic Materials Conservation Catalog Chapters In Progress before 2009[edit | edit source]

Silver Mirroring Treatment Strategies
Initiated 1991
Compiler Lyzanne Gann
Contributors Thomas M. Edmondson, Lyzanne Gann, Toshiaki Koseki, John McElhone, Douglas Nishimura, Sylvie Penichon, Stephanie Watkins

Humidifying, Drying, and Flattening
Initiated 1991
Compilers Humidification: Erin Murphy (2000-2005), Flattening: Jiuan-Jiuan Chen (2000-2005; 2006-2008), Stephanie Watkins (2009)
Contributors Gary Albright, Brenda Bernier, Luisa Casella, Jiuan-Jiuan Chen, Lee Ann Daffner, Thomas M. Edmondson, Monique Fischer, Martin Jürgens, Nora W. Kennedy, John McElhone, Jennifer McGlinchey Sexton, Amanda Maloney, Paul Messier, Erin Murphy, Jenelle Norris, Stephanie Watkins

Glass in Photographic Materials
Initiated 2007
Compiler Katharine Whitman
Contributors Katharine Whitman, Amanda Maloney

PMG Wiki Committee Members and Terms (Chronological)[edit | edit source]

Tess Hamilton - Co-Chair (May 2023 - current)
Natasha Kung - Co-Chair (May 2023 - current)
Fernanda Valverde - Committee member (January 2022 - current)
Emma Cieslik - Committee member - Wikimedia support (January 2021 - current)
Luisa Casella - Chair (July 2020- current); committee member (July 2013 - April 2023)
Amanda Maloney - Committee member (March 2014 - April 2023)
Alejandra Mendoza - Committee member (July 2020 - April 2023)
Stephanie Watkins - Chair (Feb. 2007 - July 2020); committee member (2002 - 2020)
Jennifer McGlinchey Sexton - Committee member (April 2014 - June 2020)
Laura Downey Staneff - Committee member (summer 2012 - Dec. 2013)
Sarah Freeman - Committee member (Jan. 2009 - July 2013)

Conservation Catalog Committee Members and Terms[edit | edit source]

Sarah Freeman - Committee member (Jan. 2009 - July 2013)
Lisa Barrow - Committee member (Feb. 2007 - Jan. 2009)
Stephanie Watkins - Chair (2007-2020); committee member; chapter compiler and contributor (Oct. 1993 - 2020)
Nora Kennedy - Chair (2002 - Feb 2007); committee member (1992-2007); organizing committee (1989-1991)
John McElhone - Committee member (1993 - 2012); chapter compiler and contributor
Debra Hess Norris - Committee member (1993 - 2002); chapter compiler and contributor
Andrew Robb - Catalog Organizing Committee chair (1995)
Sarah Wagner - Chair (1993 - 1995); committee member (1993 - 1995)
Doug Nishimura - Committee member (1993 - ?)
Stephen Puglia - Committee member (1993 - ?)
Constance McCabe - Committee member (1993 - ?)
Doug Severson - Committee member; chapter compiler (1993)

PMG Wiki Timeline[edit | edit source]

Pages Added By Year
2023 Mold Remediation - Page has been geratly revised and updated. Chloé Lucas (Compiler) working with Cecilia Salgado, Susana Hoyos, Vanessa Castillo

Collodion Negatives - by Katherine Miromonti

2022 Training in Photograph Conservation - Emma Cieslik has created page structure and added information

Crystoleum Process - Compiler: Anna Seweryn


Gelatin Dry Plate Negative - Elsa Thyss became Page Compiler
Photograph Conservation Definition and Evolution - Luisa Casella Page Compiler


Photograph Conservation Materials and Tips
Photograph Conservation Laboratories
Photograph Conservation Training
What is a photograph?
Photograph Conservation Definition and Evolution of the Field
Photograph Conservation Initiatives in the World
Dye Diffusion Processes
Introduction to PMG Wiki
Releasing, Detaching, and Separating
Foxing (Mold and Foxing Remediation was renamed Mold Remediation) - Chloé Lucas became Page Compiler
PMG Wiki Committee Roles and Definitions was revised and can now be found on the Discussion tab of the PMG Wiki landing page.
Contributing to the PMG Wiki Page was changed into a Help page
PMG Blank Chapter Template was changed into a Help page
Citing the PMG wiki section was added to the Contributing to the wiki page.

2019 Gels
2017 Research Questions

History of Dry Mount, Lamination, and Pressure-sensitive Adhesives

2016 Collodion-Chloride Paper
2015 PMG Blank Template

Washing, Bleaching, and Stain Reduction
Collaborative Workshops Bibliographies
Conservation Treatment Bibliographies

2014 Brief History of Photographic Materials Group

Preservation of Plastics in Photographic Materials
Multi-media, Collage, and Composite Constructions
Consolidation and Flattening of Cracks
History of Mounts
Connoisseurship, History, Fakes, Forgeries
Emergency Response Salvage Triage (AIC)

2012 Pressure-Sensitive Tape and Attachment Removal

Opalines, Opaltypes, Opalotypes
Platinum, Palladium
Silver Gelatin Printing-Out
Salted Paper Negatives

2011 Humidifying, Drying, and Flattening

Gum Bichromate

2010 Silver Mirroring

Digital Prints
Photographic Processes
Releasing, Detaching, and Separating

2009 Statement of Purpose

Cased Photographs
Exhibition Guidelines for Photographic Materials
Examination and Documentation
Testing and Instrumental Analysis
Environmental Standards and Guidelines
Preservation Housing Materials and Formats
Emergency Response and Salvage Recovery
Mold and Foxing Remediation
Preservation of Traditional Color Photographic Materials
Preservation of Glass in Photographic Materials
Mending, Repair, and Filling
Backing, Lining, and Mounting
Surface Cleaning

References[edit | edit source]

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