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The following examples of section headings propose a general structure guide for the PMG Wiki pages. Please decide on the section headings that best serve the information on your page and use the Heading Tool to rank your Sections (Levels 2 to 5). This creates a page hierarchy; and generates and updates the Table of Contents automatically.

Purpose of (Topic) - use Heading Level 2[edit source]

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Factors to Consider Before/Concerning (Topic) - use Heading Level 2[edit source]

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Techniques or Approaches - use Heading Level 2[edit source]

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The correct way to use citations correctly is this.[1].

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Sub Sections - use Heading Level 4[edit source]

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Guidelines and Recommendations - use Heading Level 2[edit source]

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References - use Heading Level 2[edit source]

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  1. Stulik, Dusan C. and Art Kaplan. 2013. The Atlas of Analytical Signatures of Photographic Processes. Los Angeles: The Getty Conservation Institute.
  2. Last name, Name and Name Last name. YYYY. Book Title. Place: Editor.

Further Reading - use Heading Level 2[edit source]

Use this section to include other resources that contain information on your page's topic which you have not referenced already in the previous section.

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