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Purpose of PMG Photograph Conservation Training page[edit | edit source]

The goal of this page is to list and link academic-level training opportunities that offer a specialization in Photograph Conservation. This page provides information about the conservation and restoration programs based in the United States and around the world, includes the length of the program as well as a program contact for questions. This page also includes the names of instructors and scientists at conservation programs who conduct research specifically focused on photographs as well as the social media accounts for the US conservation programs for reference. For more information, see also page on Photograph Conservation Around the World.

Graduate-level Programs[edit | edit source]

Country Program Name Description Link Notes and Points of Contact
United States of America Buffalo State College 3-year Master of Arts program with the option of specialization in photographs Theresa Smith (Assistant Professor of Paper Conservation, [[1]]) and Gary Albright (Guest Lecturer, Photo Conservation, [[2]])
United States of America New York University 4-year dual Master of Arts and Master of Science in Conservation and Art History Nora Kennedy ([[3]])
United States of America Winterthur/University of Delaware 3-year Master of Science program in Art Conservation, option specializing in photography Debbie Norris ([[4]])
United States of America University of Rochester/GEH,

Photographic Preservation and Collections Management

Master's program in Photographic Preservation and Collections Management with coursework, internship rotation and final essay Joan Saab (Associate Professor of Art History

PPCM Program Co-Director)

Mexico National School of Conservation, Restoration and Museography (ENCRyM) 2-year Master's program in Conservation and Restoration of Real Estate Cultural Assets has its genesis with the first specialty course in Real Estate Restoration Liliana Dávila ([davila|])
France Institut national du patrimoine, Aubervilliers 5-year Master's program involving theoretical, academic and scientific training Continuing education department contact (
Canada Queen's University 2-year Master of Art Conservation with research or treatment stream options [Smithen] (program director,, Rosaleen Hill (Associate Professor of Paper, Photographic Materials and New Media Conservation, [[5]])
Canada Ryerson University

Film + Photography Preservation and Collections Management

2-year Master of arts program focused on film and photography preservation Marta Braun ([[6]]) and Dee Psalia ([[7]])
Portugal Universidade Nova de Lisboa Master of arts in conservation and restoration Elia Roldao, Joana Lia Ferreira (course coordinator, [[8]]), and Márcia Gomes Vilarigues (department coordinator,[[9]])
Poland Fine Arts in Krakow, Faculty of Conservation and Restoration of Works of Art Conservation program with two specialties - painting conservation and restoration, and sculpture conservation and restoration Magdalena Urbanska (press spokesperson and program contact, [[10]]
Poland Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw 5-year Master program with four different specialties: (1) paintings and wooden sculpture, (2) books, prints, and antique leather, (3) stone sculpture and architectural elements, and (4) antique textiles Dr hab. Marzenna Ciechańska (Dean of the Department of Conservation and Restoration of Works of Art, [[11]])
Poland Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun Conservation and restoration of art program Dr. Tomasz Kozielec (Head of Department of Paper and Leather Conservation, [[12]])
Colombia Universidad Externado de Colombia Two one-year postgraduate programs in submerged cultural heritage and sustainability and cultural heritage Department contact (
Netherlands UvA University of Amsterdam 2-year Master of science in Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage Clara von Waldthausen (
Denmark The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation KADK 2-year Master of arts program Lene Grinde/ Mogens Koch

Individuals performing research on conservation, restoration or connoisseurship of Photographs[edit | edit source]

Program/university Name Research subjects and specialties
University of Rochester/GEH,

Photographic Preservation and Collections Management (USA)

Ivey Barker ( Water Emergency Response for Aqueous Inkjet Prints: Instructional Workshop Curriculum for Collections Managers
National Archives Krakow (Poland) Anna Seweryn (
Buffalo State College (USA) Theresa Smith (Assistant Professor of Paper Conservation, [[13]]) Aqueous paper conservation treatments, the infrared luminescence of paper, technical studies of works on paper, and 16th-century moveable anatomical prints
Buffalo State College (USA) Gary Albright (Guest Lecturer, Photo Conservation, [[14]]) Identification and preservation of photographic prints, negatives, cased objects and color images; emergency salvage of wet photographs; surface cleaning, mending, and flattening of paper and photographic materials; and conservation treatment possibilities

Social media accounts for American conservation programs[edit | edit source]

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