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Diagram[edit | edit source]

Corrugated clamshell diagram.jpg

Sequence of Operations[edit | edit source]

Sourced from Alan Puglia

  1. Measure book for height (H), width (W), and thickness (T).
  2. Cut board to following size:
  • Length= 5(T) + 2(W) + 5.4 cm
  • Width = 2(T) + (H) + 1.4 cm
  1. Mark for vertical folds, working from left and right edge inwards.
  2. Make vertical folds.
  3. Mark horizontal fold lines on both left and right edges.
  4. Trim out as indicated.
  5. Make horizontal folds. Note that folds on inner and outer trays are not aligned horizontally.
  6. If box "yawns" and won't stay shut by itself (often occurs in books <1" thick), you may adhere a small (1/4" to 1/2" piece of Velcro with PVA to the inner fore-edge of the outer tray and to the outer fore-edge of the inner tray.
  7. Use PVA to hold fore-edge walls in place.



  • B-flute corrugated board (Gaylord has recently changed their supplier, so the board available is no longer baby-blue but a slate-blue color, with no other perceivable differences)
  • PVA to hold fore-edge walls in place
  • clamps (such as Irwin quick-grip) to hold walls while PVA dries
  • scalpels or box-cutters
  • bone or Teflon folders
  • straight-edge
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