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Navbox structure: subtopic,section (each section name had to be entered in manually)
Problems: I need to be able to include relevant pages that are not in the Book and Paper "Subtopic." I need to be able to order the pages.

Navbox structure: group,section (each section name had to be entered in manually)
Note: This box will include any page with the Book and Paper Group "Group" assigned (and so I can include pages from any Topic/Subtopic as long as I assign the right Group), but we want Navboxes that are based on Subtopics, not specialty groups.

Manually coded table that was shared with contractors as example of what we're looking for:

Book and Paper Conservation
Tools, Equipment, Materials, and Supplies

Materials, Equipment, and Tools · Adhesives · Adhesive Recipes and Tips

Examination, Documentation, and Analysis

Glossary of Terms · Visual Examination · Written Documentation · Documentation of Books · Fiber Identification · Spot Tests


Selection for Preservation · Exhibition, Supports, and Transport · Imaging and Digitization · Matting and Framing · Encapsulation · Housings · Phase Box · Phase Box Variations · Drop Spine Box · Drop Spine Box with Interior Cradle · Corrugated Clamshell Box

Emergency Preparedness, Response, and Recovery

Stabilizing Wet Paper (AIC) · Stabilizing Wet Books (AIC) · Stabilizing Wet Skin and Leather (AIC) · Mold


Paper Supports · Support Problems · Foxing · Watermarks · Papyrus · Parchment · Parchment Examination and Documentation · Parchment Condition Problems · Parchment Conservation Treatment · Parchment Housing and Storage · Parchment Historic Treatment Methods and Materials


Iron Gall Ink · Media Problems

Book Components

Endpapers · Endbands · Sewing and Leaf Attachment · Book Boards · Board Attachment · Book Decoration · Fastenings and Furniture

Book Covering Materials

Animal Skin and Leather · Cloth Bookbinding · Paper Bookbinding · Parchment Bookbinding · Leather Research

Bookbinding Traditions

Bookbinding Traditions by Region or Culture · East Asian Book Formats · Ethiopian Bindings · Greek-Style Bindings · Western African Books and Manuscripts

Specialized Formats

Scrapbooks · Atlases, Foldouts, and Guarded Structures · East Asian Scrolls

Treatment Techniques for Paper

Surface Cleaning · Hinge, Tape, and Adhesive Removal · Consolidation, Fixing, and Facing · Humidification · Washing · Sizing and Resizing · Bleaching · Chelating Agents · Alkalization and Neutralization · Drying and Flattening · Gels (ECPN) · Enzymes · Backing Removal · Mending · Filling of Losses · Lining · Inpainting

Treatment Techniques for Books

Washing of Books · Alkalinization of Books · Leaf Attachment and Sewing Repair · Board Reattachment · Use of Leather in Book Conservation · Circulating Collections · Case Binding

Conservation History and Ethics

Culturally Sensitive Treatment · History of the BPG Wiki · BPG Annual Meeting Tips Sessions