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Welcome to the BPG Wiki Contributor's Toolbox

The goal of this Wiki is to grow the body of knowledge of our field with practical guides, relevant citations, and variations of techniques that might not be found in formal published literature. The Paper Conservation Catalog was transferred to the Wiki in 2009, but the need for improved technical resources remains. The flexibility of the wiki format facilitates collaborative, incremental growth.

Working to create or improve a section of the Wiki will enable you to become intimately familiar with the research that has been done on that topic to date. Collaboration with colleagues will help you to expand your network. You might learn some new skills. You can add your name to the list of compilers and add another citation to your resume.

Copyright 2020. The Book and Paper Group Wiki is a publication of the Book and Paper Group of the American Institute for Conservation. It is published as a convenience for the members of the Book and Paper Group. Publication does not endorse nor recommend any treatments, methods, or techniques described herein. There is an ongoing project to update the BPG Wiki. We welcome contributions and feedback. If you would like to get involved in this effort, please contact the wiki team at [email protected].

Ways to Get Involved

Contribute Photographic Illustrations
Every section could use some photographs. If you have any that would fit the subject matter, please send them to us, or add them yourself if you are already a Wiki Editor.

Become a Wiki Editor

  1. If you would like to edit the Wiki and join the online discussions yourself, contact the BPG Wiki Coordinators and include a short note on your conservation specialty, level of experience with Wiki editing, and area(s) of interest in publishing. We'll help you get registered with the AIC e-Editor and get on the AIC-Wiki listserv. To become a wiki editor, you must either be familiar with wiki editing or watch the training video here.
  2. Explore the guidelines for creating and maintaining pages. The AIC-Wiki Resources page has a section for BPG Wiki Editing, and there is a more general page on AIC Wiki User Guidelines.
  3. One of the best ways to learn the MediaWiki software is to create your User page. Take a look at the pages of AIC e-Editor, Denise Stockman, Cher Schneider, Katherine Kelly, Suzy Morgan, Sarah Reidell, and others.

Contribute to an Ongoing Project If you are comfortable with wiki editing and are ready to contribute, here are some ways to help the project.

  • Look at the BPG Help Wanted page to see a list of pages that are seeking editing assistance.
  • Ask the BPG Wiki Coordinators about ongoing editing projects in need of assistance.
  • If you find a topic that is lacking or out-of-date, add a note on the "Discussion" tab of the page. For example, see the AIC Wiki Editors' Resources Discussion tab. Send a link to the compilers for that topic, the BPG Wiki Coordinators, and the AIC-Wiki listserv to get feedback or start a conversation.
  • Photos are particularly appreciated additions to the existing chapters. Take a look at these BPG Photo Formatting Suggestions.

Join the Bibliography Team We have recently formed a BPG Bibliography Team, lead by Alexander Bero, to improve the citations throughout the BPG Wiki. Write to us if you'd like to join!

Become a Compiler Becoming a compiler for a new or existing chapter is the biggest and best way to build the Conservation Catalogs. Most PCC chapters are already created but in need of revision. Most BCC chapters are incomplete. In both cases, there is ample opportunity to contribute. If you think you might be interested, consider:

  • Would you have the time and availability to work with one to three colleagues for a year or so on this? It is suggested that you form the group yourself, however, if you would like help recruiting, the BPG Wiki Coordinators can help too. Perhaps an emerging conservation professional would be a useful member of your group?
  • If you are able to attend the AIC Annual Meeting, it is great time to talk with colleagues and potential collaborators about conservation topics that you are interested in researching and publishing online.
  • The BPG Wiki Coordinators would like to present updates to membership periodically, and especially at the AIC Annual Meeting, so having set time limits on a project is suggested.

Work Off-Line You don't have to edit the Wiki to contribute. There's a learning curve in using the Wiki, and not everyone has the time to learn the WikiMedia software platform. We can appreciate that coding text is not for all of our members, so we have developed other ways you can contribute.

  1. The BPG Wiki Coordinators Katherine Kelly and Diane Knauf are ready to work with you to add, edit, or remove something if you'd prefer to work off-line. Email them at [email protected].
  2. If you're an experienced conservator without Wiki expertise but interested in sharing some of your tips while mentoring others, would you consider getting paired with an emerging conservator? If so, not only could they take care of the coding changes but the short-term experience would broaden their professional network as they learned something new. If you would be interested in being contacted by an emerging professional with regard to the Wiki, please send a note to [email protected].

Become a Wiki Coordinator A coordinator is a more formal position requiring a 3-year commitment. There is one Book (Katherine Kelly) and one Paper (Diane Knauf) coordinator, who report to the BPG PubComm chair. Coordinators oversee chapter and section revisions, raise awareness of the Wiki, keep BPG members informed of its progress, recruit contributors, organize editing events, assist anyone that comes forward with research and expertise they want to share, and integrate the Wiki with other BPG PubComm efforts.

Past Wiki Coordinators
  • Denise Stockman (Paper): 2015-2019
  • Evan Knight (Book): 2013- 2016
  • Cher Schneider (Paper): 2012- 2015
  • Rachel Freeman (Paper): dates?

Useful "How-to" Pages

BPG Template for New Page
Wiki User Guidelines
Templates and other technical information
Wiki Editors' Resources
BPG Reference and Bibliography Protocols

Images and Videos in the BPG Wiki

Format and Size

Images uploaded to the AIC Wiki should be jpeg (or jpg) format and between 1 and 5 MB in size. Smartphone and point-and-shoot images are fine.


It is the responsibility of submitters to seek and obtain permission to publish from other rights holders (owners of objects described or illustrated, photographers, illustrators, or copyright holders other than the author) and to provide appropriate credits. Wikipedia’s Image Use Policy provides useful guidance.

Contributors to the Wiki retain ownership of their submitted material but grant AIC the right to republish it. So, images you upload may be reused throughout the Wiki.

Credits and Captions

The BPG Wiki does not require photographers, people, or objects to be identified. If you would like to add details, please follow the guidelines for figures in the JAIC Style Guide.

On the wiki pages, short captions are preferred. We encourage you to include full credit and citations for an image in the description of the file when you upload it, but only put a short caption on a wiki page that contains that image. For example, when you click on the image of the lightbox below, you can see details of when and by whom the photo was taken.

These are all examples of acceptable images and captions for the BPG Wiki.


The AIC Wiki does not host videos, but you can link to and embed videos that are hosted by YouTube. Here is an example:
Video from the Getty on calibrating pH and Conductivity meters.

Recent Updates


We have started to add content from the 2018 BPG Annual Meeting Tips Session, and expect to have all the Tips up soon!

History of the Paper Conservation Catalog and the Book Conservation Catalog

The Paper Conservation Catalog (PCC) was published in nine print editions from 1984 to 1994 by the AIC Book and Paper Group with assistance from the National Endowment for the Humanities. A complete facsimile of the PCC can be found here: Paper Conservation Catalog (print edition 1984-1994). "The PCC began as a volunteer, collaborative effort, in the absence of much published literature, to exchange information among paper conservators, particularly the specific techniques and insights gained through practical experience... Readers are encouraged to read the front matter there for details on how the project began and its participants." (cf. "Paper Conservation Catalog". Conservation OnLine. Retrieved August 27, 2014, from http://cool.conservation-us.org/coolaic/sg/bpg/pcc/.)

A similar effort was started for the Book Conservation Catalog (BCC) but was never published in print form.

Moving to a Wiki Platform

In 2009, the Foundation for Advancement in Conservation (FAIC) launched the AIC Wiki with funding assistance from the National Center for Preservation Technology and Training (NCPTT), a division of the National Parks Service. Along with catalogs from other specialty groups, the published Paper Conservation Catalog and the unpublished Book Conservation Catalog were transcribed into a Wiki environment.(cf. Striegel, M. (2009, October 9). “FAIC launches Conservation Wiki”. NCPTT. Retrieved July 16, 2014, from http://ncptt.nps.gov/blog/foundation-of-the-american-institute-for-conservation).

Developing the Wiki

From 2012-2014, a “Wiki Working Group” explored ways to encourage the development of the online BPG catalogs, culminating in the April 2014 Wiki survey to gauge interest in Wiki publishing and develop goals for the catalogs.

The survey showed that many experienced conservators use the Wiki for information on materials, methods, and treatment-based insights. Some BPG members -- particularly younger members and students -- indicated they wanted to participate but were unsure of where to contribute and the legitimacy of their contributions. Members indicated they would be more inclined to get involved in sharing information on the Wiki if the process was more collaborative (18%), user-friendly (16%), and if there were clearer Wiki policies (16%). Responses indicated a preference to contribute to a treatment tips section at an overwhelming 50% closely followed by editing existing text (42%), as well as adding citation and links to the Wiki (41%). The key finding was that people want easier, clearer ways to collaborate online.

From 2014 to 2016, the Wiki Coordinators for the Paper Conservation Catalog and the Book Conservation Catalog worked to establish and communicate policies through pages like the BPG Contributors Toolbox, the BPG section of the Wiki Editors' Resources, and the BPG Reference and Bibliography Protocols. In 2016, the Book Conservation Catalog changed its name to the Book Conservation Wiki to reflect its growing strength as a wiki and departure from the specialty group catalog format.

Several working groups explored methods of collaborating in the wiki environment by creating new chapters on BPG Scrapbooks and sections of the BPG Housings chapter (Drop Spine Box, Drop Spine Box with Interior Cradle, and Corrugated Clamshell Box). Other groups worked on improving existing chapters like Mold and BPG Exhibition, Supports, and Transport.

To encourage users to get involved with the wiki, we have created a BPG Help Wanted page that lists opportunities for people to contribute, either singly or in groups. In 2016, we established a new page for past and future BPG Annual Meeting Tips Sessions, and beginning with the 2016 Annual meeting in Montreal, we will begin to place tips and relevant links on that page immediately following the meeting.

From 2016 to 2018, the Wiki Coordinators undertook a reformatting campaign across the wiki. Standardization is crucial to allowing for the future growth of the Wiki, so we created a template to choose among the many variations of page design. We resolved many issues along the way, such as how to reduce numbering but differentiate between sections, how to include links and references, and how to thank new and old contributors without top-loading the page. The elimination of the original numbered outline format makes it much easier to grow and move information around. All of the BPG Wiki pages have been updated in this way, thanks to the dedicated work of volunteers: Jennifer Evers, Sharon Fickeissen, Jill Iacchei, Clare Manias, and Rebecca Smyrl.

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