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This page serves as a way for BPG wiki editors to put out a "call for help" on specific pages. These can vary from pages that need many small changes (such as typos or fixing/updating links) to a more general call for content. The AIC Wiki also maintains its own, more general, Help Wanted page.

If you would like to list a page, please place it in the appropriate section as part of the bulleted list, or create a section if it does not already exist. Also include a description of what kinds of editing help the page needs, such as "fixing typos", or "adding new content". Be as specific as possible. If you have any questions if your request fits, please email the BPG Wiki Coordinators at [email protected].

Copyright 2019. The Book and Paper Group Wiki is a publication of the Book and Paper Group of the American Institute for Conservation. It is published as a convenience for the members of the Book and Paper Group. Publication does not endorse nor recommend any treatments, methods, or techniques described herein. There is an ongoing project to update the BPG Wiki. We welcome contributions and feedback. If you would like to get involved in this effort, please contact the wiki team at [email protected].

One-Time Assistance

Contribute to a Call for Content

About once a month, the Wiki Coordinators send out an email to the BPG and AIC-Wiki community discussion boards asking for help improving new or established pages. The following table summarizes recent BPG Wiki Calls for Content. Please consider contributing!
BPG Wiki Calls for Content
2016-2017 2017-2018 2018-2019
·Annual Meeting Tips Sessions (new page)

·Adhesive Recipes and Tips (new page)
·Written Documentation
·Foxing (bibliography)
·Surface Cleaning (bibliography)
·Leaf Attachment/Sewing Repair (bibliography)
·Imaging and Digitization (bibliography)
·Fiber Identification
·Non-Western Bookbinding Structures and Their Conservation (new page)
·Gels (new ECPN page)
·Hinge, Tape and Adhesive Removal
·BPG Culturally Sensitive Treatment (new page)

·Reformatting Chapters

·Historical Techniques and Materials (see notes below)
·Watermarks (new page)

·Drying and Flattening
·Written Documentation
·Use of Leather in Book Conservation (new page)
·Book Boards

Proposed Calls
·Media Problems (iron gall ink)
·Parchment (Paper Wiki)
·Parchment (Book Wiki)

Technical Fixes Across the BPG Wiki

  • Delete the warning phrase "(PDF)" from all external or internal links to pdfs. The need for this warning has been replaced with the pdf icon that is now auto-generated. For example, this is correct:
Anderson, Priscilla and Sarah Reidell. 2009. "Adhesive Pre-Coated Repair Materials." The Book and Paper Group Annual 28.
This is incorrect:
Anderson, Priscilla and Sarah Reidell. 2009. "Adhesive Pre-Coated Repair Materials (PDF)." The Book and Paper Group Annual 28.
Please limit this to BPG Wiki pages (essentially, anything the portal at the bottom of this page links to), and do not edit pages that belong to other specialty groups, unless you are affiliated with them.

Advanced Technical Fixes

  • Fix format of portal so it looks better and more even (check against variable screen sizes, browsers, pc vs. mobile)

Ongoing Projects

Historical Techniques and Materials

The time has come to address some of the historical treatment procedures on the Wiki. You may have read about some techniques on there and thought "Does anyone still do that?"

We would like to identify procedures that are no longer in use, and move them to a Historical Techniques and Materials section that we have created at the bottom of each of the Wiki pages that began as a Paper Conservation Catalog chapter. This section can also be used for procedures that predate the Catalog, but would be useful for people to know about.

The Alkalization and Neutralization page (written in 1985) has several outdated techniques listed. As an example, we have moved Diethyl Zinc to the new section on Historical Techniques and Materials with a brief comment about its history of use. Can you help us identify others?

Here is how you can help:

  • Identify a paper conservation procedure that is no longer in use (there appear to be quite a few in the Wiki).
  • Write a few sentences about how it was performed (existing text can be used) and why it is no longer used. It would be especially interesting to describe evidence of the treatment having been done that can be discovered during the examination of an object. Cite any relevant articles you are aware of, especially those that state the reasons why the treatment is no longer used.
  • Send it to us at [email protected] so that we can add it to the Historical Treatments section, and you will be credited as a contributor.

Bibliography Team

Add Links to Online Resources. Throughout the BPG Wiki, there are many citations to publications that are now online. Why not add a link? For a handy list of online Book and Paper Conservation resources, see Accessing Conservation Literature.

The Bibliography Team is also looking for new members. This work focuses on updating the bibliographies on BPG pages. This is an easy way to get started with the wiki and the time commitment is flexible. We have set up the BPG Reference and Bibliography Protocols to guide contributions. Contact us at [email protected]

Become a Wiki Coordinator

There are two BPG Wiki Coordinators. Each is a three year, appointed position on the BPG Publications Committee and is responsible for overseeing chapter and section revisions, raising awareness of the Wiki, keeping BPG members informed of its progress, recruiting contributors, organizing editing events, assisting anyone that comes forward with research and expertise they want to share, and integrating the Wiki with other BPG PubComm efforts. The current office holders:

If you are interested in finding out more about this position - please contact us.

Entry-Level Projects

If you are interested in helping with the wiki and are willing to become an editor please consider one of these projects. They can be worked on in small bites and require no long-term commitment. In general, you would be adding new information, rather than re-writing existing text.

The following pages welcome contributions from all BPG members - no special qualifications or content review is necessary.

Photos: All of our pages could benefit from photos, especially images showing condition issues, techniques, and equipment. With practice, adding a photo can be done in just a few minutes. Once you are logged in, follow the Upload File link (also found on the bottom of each page) and follow the directions here. There is more guidance for formatting photographs for BPG pages on the Wiki Templates and Wiki Editors' Resources pages.

Terminology: The BPG Wiki does not need to become a glossary, but should link to existing glossaries. You can help define terms in the BPG Wiki by adding links to the online glossaries like the AIC Lexicon, CAMEO, and for books, the Ligatus Language of Bookbindings and Bookbinding and the Conservation of Books: A Dictionary of Descriptive Terminology." When sources disagree on terminology, it is very helpful to describe the debate, as has been done in the Endbands page. Here are some pages that would benefit from some terminology work: Endpapers, Sewing/Leaf Attachment, Boards, Board Attachment, Media Problems (PCC)

Suggest Improvements All wiki users are welcome to edit the Discussion (or "Talk") pages for any BPG page. Please add suggestions for improvement, an interesting citation we missed, or a comment about the techniques. For example, if you have a suggestion for improvement on the Mold chapter, add your suggestion to the talk page for the Mold chapter. Please sign your name with the signature button signature button in the toolbar above the editing box.

Proposed Projects

Some ideas for new pages or new topics that BPG members would love to see on the BPG Wiki are listed below. If you have any thoughts about them please feel free to list them here! Or contact the BPG Wiki Coordinators at [email protected]

  • Examination and Photodocumentation with: ultraviolet induced visible fluorescence, reflected ultraviolet, false color ultraviolet, reflected infrared irradiation, false color infrared, transmitted infrared, raking illumination, transmitted illumination, specular illumination, and polarized illumination.

Book Conservation

There are several "partially-started pages" that are not claimed by any wiki editors that could use some focused attention.

  • Boards: This page was intended as a description of the material used for stiffening book covers. It has never been fully developed, and would benefit from a focused literature review and the addition of photographs.
  • Parchment: This page originated as chapter of the Book Conservation Catalog, before it became part of the wiki. It was never fully developed. It should be entirely re-written (and renamed) to focus on Parchment Book Bindings and their treatment. Parchment as a material and the treatment of parchment documents is already covered in the well-developed Paper Conservation Wiki chapter on Parchment.
  • Case Binding Repair for Circulating Collections: This page would benefit from the addition of citations and additional methods / techniques.
  • The Book Decoration page is very disorganized. There are many terms with no definitions or images. Is there a better way to present this topic, perhaps with undefined terms off to the side as a "wish list"?

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