Preventive Care

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“The conservation professional shall recognize a responsibility for preventive conservation by endeavoring to limit damage or deterioration to cultural property, providing guidelines for continuing use and care, recommending appropriate environmental conditions for storage and exhibition, and encouraging proper procedures for handling, packing, and transport.” -AIC Code of Ethics and Guidelines for Practice

This page is maintained by AIC's Collection Care Network (CCN). CCN was created in recognition of “the critical importance of preventive conservation as the most effective means of promoting the long-term preservation of cultural property” (from Guidelines for Practice of the American Institute for Conservation of Historic & Artistic Works, #20) and to support the growing number of conservators and collection care professionals with strong preventive responsibilities and interests.

The charge of the network is to:

  • create awareness of preventive care;
  • identify and develop standards and best practices, training, and other projects to advance preventive care in institutions of all types and sizes, locally, nationally, and globally;
  • provide resources to support collection care and conservation professionals;
  • work with related groups to reach and support key collections care constituents.

To contact the Collection Care Network, please email.

Introduction to Preventive Conservation

1.1 What is Preventive Conservation?

1.2 Agents of Deterioration

1.3 Risk Analysis

Policies and Procedures

2.1 Leadership and Advocacy Tools

2.2 Collections Management

2.2a Labeling Guidelines

2.2b Handling Guidelines

2.3 Emergency Response

2.4 Special Events

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