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Instructions for Contributing[edit source]

You will need an AIC wiki username and password first. Once you go through the training, let the AIC e-editor know you have completed the training and they will activate your user profile so that you can make edits.

Get in touch with the Materials Database Coordinator to make sure you are all set up with any other information you need.

  • Please look over our Best Practices Guides and get in touch with the Materials Database Coordinator if you have any questions. Please include as much relevant information as possible in your message, attach any images or supplemental content, and include Oddy Test wiki as the subject line of your email.

Some Basic Instructions for Easy Reference[edit source]

Best Practices for Adding Results to a Table[edit source]

  • Check out the Results Tables to find out what information you need to include.
  • We now have a template for collecting test results allowing you to more easily follow best practices and prepare your results to share on the results table.
  • Have a spreadsheet or other document listing your results? A new training video is coming out soon for the new (2024) updates to the results table. If you need any assistance or advice on this process contact the Materials Database Coordinator.

Contributing Instructions[edit source]

Contribute your Testing Protocol[edit source]

  • Before adding test results, Add your testing protocolhere.
  • Check out the other Protocol descriptions to use a examples for sharing your own.
  • Do you use the same protocol as one already listed with only minor modifications? Add in a heading and list your variations.
  • Follow the protocol outlined in a published format to the letter? List that reference and note how long you've been using it.
  • Best Practices:
Include an anchor before the heading for your protocol, so that links to your protocol on the results tables can take you to the correct place on that page. See below for the code or this page for how to add an anchor (see 1. Internal Links and then scroll down to internal link to an anchor).
The code for adding an anchor on the protocols page so that the link in the table will take you to the correct place on the protocols page: Put this on the protocol page above the header: <div id="NAME"></div> .
Put this in the table: [[Oddy_Test_Protocols#NAME|NAME]]

Contribute a Manufacturer or Supplier[edit source]

  • Just add an external link to the manufacturer or supplier website on the appropriate Database page.
  • Is there something that's missing? Please add it, for example, a link to the CAMEO database, other wiki pages, or other websites.

Contribute to the References/Bibliography/External Links[edit source]

  • Found a great article, book, or website on Material Testing related to choosing safe materials for use with cultural heritage materials? Add it to our Bibliography or to the External Links on the appropriate test results page.

Adding Results to the Table[edit source]

1. Follow the instructions (Coming Soon) for preparing your results to copy and paste into the table. 2. Select the Edit button at the upper left of table page in either view: TABLE VIEW or CARD VIEW 3. Scroll to the bottom right of the page and select the right caret symbol '>'. This will take you to the last page of the table. 4. Within the table window (smaller window within the browser page), scroll down to the bottom of the table. At the left, you should see the result number (it should be over 2600). 5. Click into the last row and hit 'Enter' to add a new row. 6. Paste your results into the last row leaving the first column 'Page' blank. This column will be autofilled with the Result number. When you are at the bottom of the page, this may look like the second column with the first reading 2674 and the second reading Result:000011503

Mini version of the table showing where you should paste your results. The column headers are not visible when you are scrolled to the bottom of the page.
page Material name And on...
2672 Result:0001554 Excel Free Foam, etc. and on...
2673 Result:0000542 Unisono 215 and on...
2674 LEAVE BLANK!! Paste your results here
  • The code for linking to an image within the table: [[File:filename.jpg|100px]]

Concatenation Tips[edit source]

Concatenation may be useful for adding image file names or other information into your data in preparation for adding it to the wiki table. If you use functions in your spreadsheet, you will need to copy and paste as text or without functions into another location (like another cell on your spreadsheet). Then you can copy and paste the text into the wiki table using the instructions above.

& operator method
1. Type =(
2. Click the cell that contains the first text you want to combine
3. Type &”
4. Type what you want between the text in either cell and then “& (&”| “& will add a bar and a space after the text from the first cell).
5. Click the next cell with the text that you want to combine.
6. Type ) and then press ENTER.
iv. TIP: To combine the text in more than two cells, continue selecting cells, and typing &”; “& after each cell you select. If you want to add additional text place it between the quotations marks.
v. In order for the text in your new column to carry over as text rather than a formula you will have to copy and paste this column as values (without formatting) into a new column.
5. If all of the information is ready to go and the columns match the wiki table you will use the & function again to turn it into wiki code adding a single vertical line ‘|’ at the beginning, double vertical lines ‘||’ between each column, and ‘|-‘ at the end to close the table. a. Here is an example of what your formula might look like
=("|"&A9&"||"&B9&"||"&C9&"||"&D9&"||"&TEXT(E9, "YYYY/MM/DD")&"||"&F9&"||"&G9&"||"&H9&"||"&I9&"||"&J9&"||"&K9&"|-")

1. Into the appropriate cell type =CONCATENATE( 2. Type the cell number eg. B3 or click the cell that contains the first cell of text you want to combine
3. Follow this by a comma , 4. Place a comma between any cells you want combined 5. For text you will likely want to add spaces or other characters. Add this between parentheses. a. Here is an example of what your formula might look like
=CONCATENATE(A9," ",B9," ",C9," ",D9," ",E9)

You can also add a carriage return in your code before the last bar and hyphen "|-" by add the following code: &K9&CHAR(10)&|-")