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Welcome to the IWG Imaging Wiki Contributors’ Toolbox. This page aims to provide information and resources for those interested in contributing to the Imaging Wiki.

Current Editing Goals for the Wiki (June 2023)[edit source]

We want the Wiki to be a highly visual, well- and thoroughly-referenced, and accessible resource for the conservation community. With this goal in mind, the pages and content generated should include:

  • Increased number of references and a variety of sources. To enhance the information provided in each section, it is crucial to increase both the variety and number of references used. By incorporating diverse sources, such as academic papers, research studies, reputable websites, blogs, vlogs, Youtube videos, and expert opinions, readers will have access to a broader range of information. This will enable them to explore different perspectives and delve deeper into the topic. Additionally, these references serve as evidence and support for the points discussed, adding credibility to the content and helping readers find good references for further study. See IWG Wiki Referencing Protocol for guidance on correct reference formatting.

  • Increased number of images/media. In order to make the content more visually engaging, we encourage more images/media in each section. Visual aids can effectively illustrate the points being made, clarify complex concepts, and create a more immersive reading experience. It is recommended to choose high-quality images that are relevant, visually appealing, and clearly demonstrate the topic at hand. By incorporating images of an appropriate size, readers can easily grasp the visual information being presented, enhancing their understanding and retention of the content. However, it is important to strike a balance and ensure that the images do not overshadow the textual content, maintaining a harmonious blend between visuals and written information. See Images and Videos in the IWG Imaging Wiki section below for image inclusion and copyright guidance.

  • Emphasis on use of original text. In order to maintain originality and provide a unique reading experience, it is important that each section consists primarily of original text and avoids excessive reliance on block quotes. While block quotes can be useful for directly citing specific passages or statements, they should be used sparingly and only when necessary. The majority of the content should be written in the author's own words, providing a fresh perspective and facilitating a cohesive flow throughout the text. This approach ensures that the content is engaging, informative, and tailored to the specific needs of the readers.

Ways to Get Involved[edit source]

Join the AIC IWG
We envision that the IWG will be made up of small topic groups that will be collaborating to contribute to the Imaging Wiki by gathering and publishing information focused on specific topics and subtopics. These groups will have leads who will act as the team publisher to get the group’s content on the Wiki. That means you do not necessarily have to edit the Wiki to contribute.

There will be an initial interest meeting on October 6, 2020 for contribution to the Imaging Wiki. However, if you miss that meeting but you are interested in getting involved, contact the IWG team at and we can get you connected with a team and ongoing project.

Join a Topic/Project Group
There will be small task groups working in teams on specific topics, subtopics, and projects. The Help:IWG Help Wanted page will include a list of ongoing projects that are seeking participation and contribution. You can also contact the IWG team about ongoing projects.

Become a Team Lead
Team leads will be needed for the small topic groups working on specific content. These team leads will connect the groups with the IWG leadership team, facilitate group meetings and group progress for researching/gathering/developing of the content for the Wiki. They can choose to upload content to the Wiki themselves or coordinate with a Wiki editor to ensure that the group’s contributions are published.

Team leads should be experienced in the topic area or driven to lead the research and development of a topic. They should be willing and able to take on more responsibility for communication, organization, and progress for the task group. If necessary, topics and projects can also have co-leads.

Do you have a topic that you want to focus on and lead the development of for inclusion on the Wiki? If so, please contact the IWG leadership team

Become a Wiki Editor
If you would like to edit the Wiki, contact the IWG leadership team and include a message about your level of experience with Wiki editing and the area(s) of interest in publishing and participating with. We can help you get registered with the AIC e-Editor and get on the AIC-Wiki listserv. To become a wiki editor, you must either be familiar with wiki editing or watch the training video here.

Explore the guidelines for creating and maintaining pages. Resources include the AIC-Wiki Resources page and the more general AIC Wiki User Guidelines.
A great way to learn the MediaWiki software is to create and edit your User page.

Community Guidelines[edit source]

These Community Guidelines are heavily borrowed from the BPG Contributors Toolbox. The BPG group did a great job outlining the community guidelines and so we have based ours on their great example!

Edit boldly
We encourage IWG editors to edit in the following ways:

  • It is always okay to fix typos or add citations.
  • It is always okay to add to Talk/Discussion pages.
  • It is usually okay to add information to a page. If there is an IWG Wiki Team Lead listed at the top of a page, send an email to them first. If you have trouble getting in touch or would like to discuss your edits, email us at

If you would like to make significant edits or changes to a page, please contact the IWG leadership team We can connect you with others that may be currently working on the page and ensure that the changes are appropriate.

The IWG leadership team will monitor changes to our pages, so we may be in touch about edits and updates.

Some of the other AIC Groups have different processes for drafting, reviewing and publishing. Before editing pages outside of the IWG Imaging Wiki, check with them.

Always provide an edit summary
Any time edits and changes are made to a page, please summarize these in the Summary text entry field located under the main edit box. This will allow us to track changes and understand the edits made. It also helps to determine who added what. We encourage you to be concise but specific. “Made change” or “Added content” is not very specific, but “Added text to illustrate reflected IR imaging” is a more helpful summary. Minor changes can be summarized with a brief note like “fixed spelling”. The “History” link at the top of the page will provide edit summaries to be reviewed for any Wiki page. More information about edit summaries can be found through this Wikipedia help page.

Give credit for contributions
Include your name at the top of the page as a “Wiki Contributors” if you add content to an IWG Imaging Wiki page. If you add content for someone else, please make sure that this is recorded in the summary field and also add their name to the “Wiki Contributors.” Adding content for someone else should only be done with the permission of the contributor.

Cite your work
Please make sure that you cite work appropriately. This will improve the credibility of the Imaging Wiki and will be most useful to colleagues and researchers. Appropriate citation will allow our community to best connect with the related literature and resources. Refer to the IWG Wiki Referencing Protocol for guidance on appropriate referencing.

Written by and for conservation professionals, cultural heritage imaging specialists and allied professionals
While references to published sources are best, the IWG Imaging Wiki can include statements based on the author's original research, on-going projects, personal experiences and training. This is different from Wikipedia, which does not allow original research. Readers are expected to use their professional judgement when evaluating all information on the Wiki. That being said, accuracy is our standard. If you see something that looks wrong, please contact us at

Be courteous
The IWG community members come from different fields and backgrounds, and as a result views and perspectives may vary widely. Please treat others with respect and come to this collaborative community with an open mind.

Images and Videos in the IWG Imaging Wiki[edit source]

Uploading images
Images (.jpg, .gif, .pdf, and others) can be uploaded by clicking on the "Upload file" link on the navigation bar at the bottom of each page. It’s best if the image is edited, cropped, and compressed to a manageable size (between 1 and 5 MB) before uploading.

It is the contributor’s responsibility to have permission to publish from other rights holders. These rights holders may be the owners of the objects included in the image, the photographer, the illustrator or any copyright holders other than the author/contributor. Appropriate credit should be provided. Wikipedia’s Image Use Policy provides some guidance. As stated on the AIC Wiki User Guidelines page “Copyright and Licensing”, “all material published by AIC is governed by a license agreement. Under the terms of the license, authors retain copyright of their work and are free to publish the work elsewhere. AIC, however, retains the right to re-publish the work in various media and formats.”

Credits and captions
Please include short captions on the wiki pages. Full credit and citations for an image can be included in the description of the file when you upload it. When you click on an image on the wiki, you can see details of when and by whom the photo was taken.

Useful “How-to” Pages[edit source]