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Suggestions for Developing This Page[edit source]

In the headings and in the text, I suggest being more consistent with "and", "&", "+", and "/". Just use "and"
What does "false braided" mean?
I don't think the section on fore edge flaps (or the Bosch, Carswell, and Betherbridge citation) really belong on this page. I saw that the Petherbridge was spelled wrong here and on the Non-Western Bookbindings page (now fixed). It should be:
Bosch, Gulnar, John Carswell, and Guy Petherbridge. 1981. Islamic Binding and Bookmaking: a Catalogue of an Exhibition. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.
I don't think I understand the purpose of the "Decorative Features" header. Unless you have content for it, maybe delete it?

Add Links[edit source]

Add links to all online sources, especially BPG Annual and GBW Journal
Once the page is launched, ask for the BPG Wiki Coordinators help to make certain that this page is included in the portal, and linked to from other BPG Wiki pages, like Book Decoration.
In the introductory paragraph, mention that there is a page that discusses the broader topic of Book Decoration.

Clasps[edit source]

Clasps [are] made of metal and skin components ...

Domed Tacks[edit source]

It is confusing to say "furniture-type" in the same sentence as book furniture.

Basic fasteners used to attach furniture pieces[edit source]

This section seems unnecessary.

Terminology and Thesauri[edit source]

Could include the following, but this section might belong better in your bibliography.

Ligatus Language of Bindings thesaurus of bookbinding terms
Roberts, Matt T. and Don Etherington. Drawings by Margaret R. Brown. 1982. Bookbinding and the Conservation of Books: A Dictionary of Descriptive Terminology. Washington D.C. : Library of Congress. Available online at

Housings[edit source]

Mention the challenges of storing books with furniture especially next to other books, and refer readers to the page on Housings, where the topic is discussed more

Bibliography[edit source]

Really, really excellent. The duplication makes it long, but I really liked how you annotated each entry and break down the sources by subtopic. This is an invaluable resource for your colleagues.

I don't think that has new information, but it does have lovely illustrations, and might be worth including for that reason.

Consider adding the following resource, which might also provide a useful citation for some of your statements about buckles and stationary bindings:

Beaty, Katherine. 2020. "Tackets, Buckles, and Overbands: Italian Stationery Bindings of the HBS Medici Family Collection." Suave Mechanicals. Volume 6. The Legacy Press: Ann Arbor. 62-119.

Large Surveys, Classifications, & Terminology[edit source]

make alphabetical

By Geographic Area[edit source]

Armenia[edit source]


what are "lost exams"?

Estonia[edit source]

Edit this section to more clearly distinguish citations, quotations, and commentary.

Images[edit source]

Below are some images that you might want to use to illustrate this page. The top image is from Also this German website that might have some other neat images.--Kkelly (talk) 18:03, 2 February 2021 (CST)

1614 image of a claspmaker
15th century German clasps (Roberts and Etherington 1982)
Fan binding from Book Decoration page, see also other images of same book
German 1479 binding from Book Decoration page, see also other images of same book