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Health & Safety Committee Conservation Wiki

The Health & Safety wiki pages are created and monitored by the members of the Health & Safety Committee of the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works.

Some of the information included on this wiki may be out of date, particularly with regard to toxicological data and regulatory standards. Also, because new information on safety issues is continually published, resources outside of AIC should be consulted for more specific information.

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About the Committee

The Health & Safety committee provides educational and technical information to the AIC membership to increase knowledge of safety hazards and general health issues related to the conservation profession.

Health & Safety Committee
Health and Safety

Have a question or concern about health and safety in your conservation work? Send it to the committee at [email protected]

Other Sources

GHS Secondary Labels

H&S Committee Label Templates:

Labels that are compliant with the Globally Harmonized System for Hazard Communication and will fit small, secondary containers.
Downloads are Word Templates for 1" x 2 3/8" labels (30/sheet).
Note: Some adjustment of margins may be needed for your printer

These labels may need be edited to reflect the safety information provided by the manufacturer of your specific chemical

Commercially Available Labels:

Personal Health & Safety

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for conservators refers to protective gear, garments or equipment used to protect the conservator from injury or exposure. PPE generally protects only the user and, therefore, should be used in conjunction with other health and safety measures to ensure a safe working environment.

Respiratory Protection

Skin Protection

Eye Protection

Hearing Protection

Disaster Protection

Working with Hazardous Collections Materials

Historic Building Hazards

The resources created on the Historic Building & Collections category page are a product of AIC's Health & Safety Committee, AIC's Collection Care Network (CCN), and other allied professionals. This page is intended as a portal to pull together information on hazards that may be commonly found in historic houses either as part of the building structure or collections contained within.

Setting up and Maintaining a Safe Conservation Lab

Hazard Communication

Work Practices


Regulatory Organizations and Standards

Hazardous Waste

Emergencies & Disasters


Numerous public health and safety resources exist to help private conservators and large facilities assess hazards and develop and implement health and safety protocols. These include easily accessible web-based information on toxicological data and regulatory standards, directories of professional organizations’ safety consultants, information on pro-bono services, links to occupational medical clinics, and specialized resources for conservators such as ACTS and Univ IL Health in the Arts Medical Program.

Health and Safety Technical Resources for the Conservator


ACTS FACTS, the monthly newsletter of Arts, Crafts, and Theater Safety (ACTS), has been publishing issues since 1987. Monona Rossol is the Editor of ACTS FACTS. ACTS has entered into an agreement with the Foundation of the American Institute for Conservation (FAIC) to make their newsletter archives available to the public.To protect the value of subscriptions, issues from the past three years are not posted. You may subscribe on the ACTS website, if you would like access to the most recent ACT FACTS newsletters.


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