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Copyright: 2024. The Health & Safety Wiki pages are a publication of the Health & Safety Network of the American Institute for Conservation.

Disclaimer: The following list of articles and guides is offered for information purposes only. Some of the information included in the lists of published articles on this page may be out of date, particularly with regard to toxicological data and regulatory standards. More recent publications may include more up to date information, but there has been no attempt by the Network members to review and update previously published articles in the AIC News or to exhaustively catalog current legal requirements and standards applicable to the profession. When using references from the publications listed, please use the most recently published articles on any particular topic. Also, because new information on safety issues is continually published, resources outside of AIC should be consulted for more specific information on toxicological data and regulatory standards. Many of the references listed in the links below as well as the Health and Safety Technical Resources for the Conservator can serve as resources for this type of information.

Health & Safety Guides Published in AIC News[edit | edit source]

Beginning in 1998, the Health & Safety Network (formerly the Health & Safety Committee) of AIC prepared or commissioned special pull-out sections for AIC News. Those guides have been added to the wiki for commenting by site visitors and updates by the Health & Safety Network.

Please Note: Links will bring you to wiki page for the guide--some of the guides may have been updated and PDF versions of the original guide are also available.

Articles Published in AIC News[edit | edit source]

Network members, along with consulting safety and healthcare professionals, write brief articles and features that are published in each issue of AIC News on health and safety topics relevant to the conservation community.

Every two years in September the Network contributes the longer and more in-depth lead article to AIC News.
In 2015, the Network began a series of articles on selection, use and care of various Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Please Note: Links will bring you to the complete issue of AIC News. Articles are located under the Health & Safety section of each issue.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Articles[edit | edit source]

Health & Safety Lead Articles[edit | edit source]

  • Rodents & Risks to Cultural Heritage Custodians
    September 2021 (46:5), JoAnne Martinez-Kilgore
  • Reproducing Conservators: Health and Safety for Preconception, Pregnancy, and Beyond
    September 2012 (37:5) 1, 3-7, Joanne Klaar Walker, Corey Smith Riley, and Rachel Perkins Arenstein
  • Working at Heights
    September 2006 (31:5) 1, 7–8, Evan Kopelson
  • Overuse Injuries in Museum Conservators
    Sept 2000 (25:5) 1, 3-6, Michael McCann

Health & Safety Columns[edit | edit source]

  • COVID-19 Information Sources
    May 2020 (45:3) 17 Members of the AIC Health & Safety Network
  • Compressed Gas Safety
    May 2020 (45:3) 17-18 Katherine Ridgway
  • Live Ordnance and Response
    January 2020 (45:1) 30-32 Katherine Ridgway
  • Health and Safety Training for Emerging Museum Professionals and the Evolving Work Economy
    September 2019 (44:5) 25-26 Emily England, UIC MUSE Graduate Student and Curator at Swedish American Museum; Joy Erdman, MS, CIH, CSP, Joy Solutions LLC; Melissa Miller, MA, Sole Proprietor of MQM Museum Services
  • Laser Safety
    May 2019 (44:3) 22 Dr. Martin Cooper
  • Flammability of Rehousing Materials
    March 2019 (44:2) 25 Josh Stewart
  • Paint Strippers: Evaluating available chemicals and their hazards
    January 2019 (44:1) 19 Kerith Koss Schrager
  • Taking the Lead in Lead Exposure Prevention: Mitigating Hazards in Stained Glass Conservation
    May 2018 (43:3) 21 Ariana Makau
  • Considerations for Conservators in the Prevention of Vision Problems
    July 2017 (42:4) 20 Cyndie Lack
  • Improved Respirator Fit Testing at the Annual Meeting in Chicago
    March 2017 (42:2) 13 Health & Safety Committee
  • Welcome “Fall”! Be Prepared for the Unexpected (Safety Training Facts)
    November 2016 (41:6) 13 Health & Safety Committee
  • The Dangers of Dust Bunnies – Protect Yourself During IPM-related Cleaning
    July 2016 (41:4) 19 Laura Mina
  • Health & Safety Regulations, Resources, and the Internet
    May 2016 (41:3) 8 Julie Sobelman, CIH
  • Health & Safety Committee: Creating Partnerships to Help You!
    March 2016 (41:2) 21 Health & Safety Committee
  • Studio Workshop Review Provides Vital Information for Private Conservators
    July 2015 (40:4) 18-19 Health & Safety Committee
  • Respirator Fit Tests in YOUR Neighborhood: AIC Partners with Local Conservation and Industrial Hygiene Groups!
    May 2015 (40:3) 17-18 Kathryn Makos
  • Be aware: Chemical Classification Changes on Safety Data Sheets During the Move to the Globally Harmonized System (GHS)
    November 2013 (38:6) 12-13 Kathryn Makos
  • The AIC Health and Safety Committee in the International Arena
    September 2013 (38:5) 1, 3-5 Joanne Klaar Walker, Kathyrn Makos, James Roy Smith
  • Some Chemical Things Considered: Glycol Ethers and Glymes: Making Sense of Confusing Terminology
    May 2013 (38:3) 8-10 Lisa Nelson
  • Mobile Applications for the Health and Safety of the Conservation Lab
    July 2011 (36:4) 18 Corey Smith and Jane Klinger
  • Health Hazards for the Recovery of Cultural Property Affected by Oil Spills
    May 2011 (36:3) 11-14 Health and Safety Committee
  • New Safety Eyewear Standard: Confusion Over at Last
    January 2011 (36:1) 5 Reprinted in part from ACTS FACTS
  • Lead Levels in Bone Confirmed as Mortality Predictor
    March 2010 (35:2) 12 Reprinted in part from ACTS FACTS
  • Spray Paint Study: Major Exposure by Skin Absorption
    September 2007 (32:5) 15 Reprinted in part, with permission from ACTS FACTS, June 2007, vol 21 no 1
  • California Proposes New Regulations Impacting Conservation X-Radiography
    July 2007 (32:4) 11-12 Terry Schaeffer
  • Survey of Past Participants in the AIC Respirator Fit Testing Workshop
    May 2006 (31:3) 14 Health and Safety Committee
  • Hazardous Holdings: AIC Archives Discussion Group, June 12, 2005
    September 2005 (30:5) 1, 11–13 Health and Safety Committee
  • Does a Woman's Solvent Exposure Affect her Offspring? Summary of a Recent Study
    May 2005 (30:3) 18–19 Dennis Ertel
  • News from the National Library of Medicine Website
    November 2003 (28:6) 18–20 Health and Safety Committee
  • Health and Safety News
    November 2001 (26:6) 13 Members of the AIC Health & Safety Committee
  • Solvents Considered at AIC Annual Meeting in Dallas: "A Teas Refresher"; "Solvent Solver Program"; and "Solvent Grade: Does it Matter?"
    September 2001 (26:5) 1, 3-7 John Burke, Mark Ormsby, David Erhardt
  • Mothballs Reconsidered
    July 2001 (26:4) 21 Members of the AIC Health & Safety Committee
  • Health & Safety News: Ergonomics Standard Published; Linonene Products Pollute Indoor Air; and Safety Booklet
    March 2001 (26:2) 11
  • Regulations Change for Cobalt Indicating Silica Gel
    January 2001 (26:1) 14 Lisa Golberg and Steven Weintraub
  • Health and Safety News: Health and Safety Responsibilities for Employees, Interns, Volunteers, Apprentices, and Students
    Jan 2000 (25:1) 14 Kathryn Makos
  • Conserving Your Health and Safety: Using Consistent Choices to Minimize Exposure
    Sept 1999 (24:5) 1, 18-19 Dr. Patricia Hamm
  • Health and Safety News
    Jan 1999 (24:1) 12 Cathy Hawks
  • Health and Safety News: Internet Health and Safety Resources
    May 1998 (23:3) 8
  • Health and Safety News: Results of the Health and Safety Committee Survey
    Mar 1998 (23:2) 6-9
  • Health and Safety News
    Jan 1998 (23:1) 6-7 Hilary A. Kaplan
  • Health and Safety News
    May 1997 (22:3) 8 Hilary A. Kaplan
  • MSDSs: Reading Between the Lines for the past decade...
    March 1997 (22:2) 1-5 Monona Rossol
  • Health and Safety News
    Jan 1997 (22:1) 8 Hilary A. Kaplan

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