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Purpose of the H&SN wiki is to provide and interpret H&S information relevant to conservation and collections professionals NOT repeat information available through other sources (e.g. OSHA).

Notes and history of H&S wiki (updated following discussion with AIC E-editor Rachael Arenstein and outgoing H&S wiki editor Kerith Koss Schrager in 2020):

  • All PDFs of H&S publications should be hosted (stored) on the wiki, even if they are posted to the webpage (this is to prevent broken links when the backend of the AIC website changes).
  • H&S AIC News article content can be posted on the wiki immediately even though there is a 3-year waiting period for other newsletter content being made public, if the information is immediately relevant. AIC News Editor, Lisa Goldberg, allowed H&SN members to use their discretion to determine what can be posted.
  • Priority should be given to directly copying content from articles to topics that will not constantly change with regulatory/legal changes.
  • Keep in mind that individual content pages need to be updated and revised, so creating an excess of pages should be limited; once a content page becomes too long it can be split into a new page. Network members should decide if it's worth copying the entire text of just giving and summary/intro and linking to the articles.
  • H&S topics can be added to existing pages created by other groups (such as Gels, Tin-Mercury Amalgam Mirrors) with the H&S disclaimer and category tag.
  • For articles that were extensively vetted before publication (e.g, Ventilation, Pharmaceuticals, Respiratory Protection), original authors should be given the opportunity to revise if significant changes are needed. See more info on Guides below.
  • Make sure to indicate in the summary box what and why editors made changes.

The AIC wiki is moving toward using Category pages to present topics that go across specialties, such as H&S. Therefore:

Health & Safety Category Page[edit source]

Health & Safety was redirected to a category page, where H&S information will be presented.

  • This page should be as clear and concise as possible.
  • It should not appear as a draft or with broken links.
  • All content pages should be labelled with the Health & Safety category tag so that they show up on this page
  • For length of link, this is the wiki link provided on H&S printed documents (guides, business card, etc.)
  • The categories for this page (that turn into content pages) such as Chemical Safety, Collection Hazards, etc. should be specific to health and safety (so no Emergency Response)
  • The old system was to label pages "Health & Safety: Page name". These old pages need to be renamed and removed to new category system.

Health & Safety Network page[edit source]

Health & Safety Network content page

  • This is the page that will contain all of the H&S Network publication and specific information. This used to be the old landing page.
  • Links to this page should be easily identifiable on the H&S Category page because people may be following the link from H&S publications to find them on the wiki
  • The [[Talk:Health_&_Safety_Network|discussion] page has a To-Do list of things to be done resulting from this discussion. Editors can leave notes for themselves and other editors for tasks to be done.

Health & Safety Content pages[edit source]

  • Should contain the H&S disclaimer
  • Should contain the H&S Category tag
  • Should include the authors names
  • Try not to claim/brand with H&S disclaimer that other groups might want to add to. This is a main reason for switching to categories to prevent toe stepping. An example is Hazardous Waste which was claimed by Sustainability so it is difficult for us to add addition H&S information.

Health & Safety Guides[edit source]

These were originally in-depth AIC News articles or independent publication of the Network. There were extensively researched and vetted and outside consultants were often paid to write or revise them.

  • The H&S wiki was initially created to house these so they could be revised
  • Original authors should be given the opportunity to revise them
  • The content exists both as wiki text and a pdf. People felt it was important to still have access to the originally published content as a pdf, but it should be clear the outdatedness of the wiki content and the pdf version.
  • These have been titled on the wiki "Health & Safety: Guide Name" to indicate that they are specific guides and not just content pages.
    • Network members need to decided if they want to keep this naming convention or if these should become content pages (ie Respiratory Protection could become a content page)

Technical Resources Page[edit source]

Health and Safety Technical Resources for the Conservator is a nightmare of a page. It has lots of links that often become broken and it appears very long and overwhelming. It's been kept as one page to help with updating, to avoid having to update multiple pages. One solution is to backlink from content pages to sections of this page.