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Oddy testing information and protocols are provided for informational purposes only. Neither AIC nor participating institutions endorse particular methods, products, businesses, or services. The following protocols are not vetted or peer-reviewed and should be assessed by each individual user for the accuracy of the results.

MTR table view 2023.png

All testing results area available here in the classic table view with sortable columns. In the upper left you may select to see 10, 20, 50 or 100 results at a time. In the upper right use the SEARCH field to filter results by any term.

MTR card view 2023.png

All testing results are available here viewed as cards. Sort the cards using the column headers along the left margin. You may view 10 results at a time. Conduct a simple search to filter results using the SEARCH field at the upper right. Advanced searches can be carried out using the Custom Search Builder by adding conditions at the upper left.

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Combined Results[edit | edit source]

Materials Testing Results from all other pages can be found in this table. This table is updated as time allows and may not have the most recently added information.

See Project:Combined Materials Testing Results (Simple).