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Sample for How to Display a Playlist, Positioned to the Right[edit source]

Playlist of YouTube videos about sustainable practices in conservation.

The AIC Wiki can host videos on YouTube, embed YouTube videos and playlists in its wiki pages, and link to videos across the web. Here are some of the videos that we have gathered to illustrate sustainable practices in conservation.

The rest of this is filler text..

Which provides the correct spacing...

So that the video doesn't crowd the text below...

Sample for how to Display a Single Video[edit source]

Cost Effective and Sustainable Packing, Moving, and Storage, FAIC webinar, December 1, 2015
(embed single video)

Below is a test of the discussion page[edit source]

Here is a section from the Objects Specialty Group page about how they want to organize their main page.

I agree about making our homepage a little more simplified and welcoming. I was thinking we could have something like:

   1. An introduction including the purpose of our wiki 
   2. How to use the page (that you can use the search feature on the left hand side - which to me isn't terribly obvious) or start searching with the few main headings from the outline. 
   3. Our disclaimer that the site is for informational purposes and any treatment should be conducted by a qualified conservator (and a link to "How to find a conservator") 
   4. Our list of contributors, editors, writers (whatever we want to call them) 
   5. And links to the few headings we decide on.  

--Rosedcull 15:41, 7 September 2011 (UTC)

These are good ideas. I am working on our template, which will help address 4, 5, and maybe 2. We will discuss in next wiki meeting. Feel free to implement the other ones. --Denise Stockman 21:25, 29 September 2011 (UTC)

Template test subpages

Template test main page