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Let's see about merging this page with the BPG Housings page. There's a lot of overlap and the information can be combined easily, I think, using different sections for books, flat paper, photographs, etc. --Smorgan (talk) 10:08, 21 July 2014 (CDT)

SMorgan is correct: there is much overlap in content between the two groups. Perhaps a joint page that links back to both groups? It would be a good project to collaborate on between the two groups. Photographic materials conservators wish to put all photographic material related information in the PMG's PMCC area, regardless of what specialty group the contributor is from, and keep book comments in BCC and paper comments in PCC. Also, photographic materials conservators wish to be able to curate the images chosen. (Sorry, some subject matter specialists suggest some solutions within other specialty group pages may be unsuitable for the safety of photographic materials - ahem). -- SWatkins 9 July 2020