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Other Terms to be Included in the Published Resource[edit source]

Even though the [ AIC website] has definitions for the following terms, I think it would be a good idea to include them in the lexicon project and document them in a similar manner since they would need o be part of any printed resources. --RPArenstein 04:54, 17 October 2012 (UTC)
The terms on the AIC website include:

General Terms[edit source]

  • Conservation
  • Preservation
  • Cultural Property
  • Preventive Care / Preventive Conservation

Process Terms[edit source]

  • Examination
  • Documentation
  • Treatment
  • Stabilization
  • Restoration

Role Terms[edit source]

  • Conservator
  • Conservation Professional (this one was not included on the website)
  • Conservation Administrator
  • Conservation Educator
  • Conservation Scientist
  • Conservation Technician
  • Collections Care Specialist

Categories[edit source]

While my intention in mentioning this isn't to go crazy with creating hierarchies within the wiki, some rudimentary structure would be helpful for readers/users in finding pertinent terms. Luisa Casella helpfully suggested that we all have a look at for an idea of what could be achieved and began thinking through what kinds of categories would make sense. We already have the specialty groups as categories to use with terms that relate to specific kinds of works of art or artifacts and their examination and treatment. The current list of categories on the wiki as a whole is here.

Luisa suggests adding the following categories for condition terms:

  • Physical Deterioration
  • Chemical Deterioration
  • Inherent Vice/Characteristic

And based on what Luisa was suggesting as techniques, I'm suggesting

  • Examination Technique
  • Treatment Technique

This doesn't work for quite everything on the list of terms that we've put together so far, though. Any suggestions as to how to categorize things like proper left/proper right or Integrated Pest Management ?--Nravenel 15:38, 26 October 2012 (UTC)

Maybe we can create a category like 'Descriptive Terms' for things like 'proper left/proper right'. How about 'Scientific Terms' for thinks like alkaline and buffer(ed). I also think that things like IPM, RH, etc. would be useful to include but could fall under a "Preventive Conservation" heading. --RPArenstein 02:04, 1 November 2012 (UTC)

Wordsmiths needed[edit source]

There are a number of terms that could be listed in one of three ways, for example "stain" could also be "staining" or "stained". There are a variety of terms that are listed in one of these three ways and there needs to be some discussion so a consensus can be reached on how to deal with them. --RichardMcCoy (talk) 08:06, 26 January 2013 (CST)

Hey Richard, Somebody else mentioned that to me recently via email. Thanks for adding your thoughts on the topic here.

In starting the list, I followed AAT's convention where condition terms are largely within the Conditions and Effects hierarchy in the Physical Attributes facet. There's a few others within the Processes hierarchy within the Activities facet. I see in their structure, the form of the word would depend on whether we're talking about a state of being or a process. Citing AAT can be interesting in relation to words in that a term (mold, for instance) may be included as a thing (mold, the fungus) or the condition. In playing with the entry for mold here, I cited both entries.

So that was my rationale in starting the list. Personally, I think that our terminology should agree with AAT whenever possible, since they cross over with AATA as indexing terms, and that nouns or present participles should be used as condition terms, but I welcome other input and thought.--Nravenel (talk) 08:30, 26 January 2013 (CST)