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Suggestions for Improvement[edit source]

The page would benefit from sections about:

  • workflow planning for digitization projects
  • the role of conservation in digitization projects
  • managing very large digitization projects
  • tips for conservation interventions before and after scanning (foldout maps, super brittle newspapers., heat-set tissue, Mylar, disbinding, loosening sewing, etc.)
  • tips for handling special formats at the scanning station (oversize, accordion, maps, scrolls, papyrus, scrapbooks, Islamic, parchment, etc.)
  • bibliography¬†: the essential readings on the topic

I recommend rewriting or deleting most of the discussion of "is digitization preservation?", as it is not really relevant --Kkelly (talk) 09:51, 25 March 2020 (CDT)

Call for Content[edit source]

The bibliography was the subject of an October 2016 BPG Wiki Call for Content.