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In October 2019, Christina Thomas suggested the following:

Brigham Young University. Book Repair Videos (Vimeo Showcase).

The following descriptions and YouTube videos may be useful additions to this page:

Dry cleaning: Supplies needed: soft brush, smoke off sponge, or soft white cosmetic sponge- the triangular ones are very good at getting into the gutter of books

Basic technique for dry cleaning paper. This technique works for cloth or leather as well.

Tip-in: Supplies needed: glue brush, glue (poly vinyl acetate preferred), Olfa or X-acto knife, cutting mat, ruler, weight, waste paper

This is a nice video on how to repair typical damage to an adhesive bound book. This technique would also work on a loose page from a sewn book or pamphlet.

Heat-set Mend: Supplies needed: heat set tissue (Filmoplast R), tacking iron (you can go pricey- Sealector or Hangar 9 model, or bargain- mini quilting iron from JoAnn Fabric) temperature needs to go to 170 degrees, scissors, silicone release paper, waste paper, bone folder, something to insulate the surface of your bench

This is a short video that shows the application on a variety of tears in an old map. There is no audio.