STANDARD 28: Exhibit Maintenance

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STANDARD 28: Exhibit Maintenance
Exhibit Maintenance must preserve a safe environment for exhibit objects and ensure that all conservation features continue to function as intended
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Guideline 28.1: The Exhibit Maintenance Manual includes comprehensive information regarding exhibit content and the design of conservation features. Necessary maintenance activities are described

Why is comprehensive exhibit maintenance essential to object conservation?
What role does the Exhibit Maintenance Manual play in object conservation?
What specific information should be included in the Maintenance Manual to ensure appropriate maintenance of conservation features and a hazard-free environment?
Why should a new Maintenance Manual be created for each exhibit?

Guideline 28.2: Contributions to the Maintenance Manual are made by all relevant team members and preservation specialists to ensure thorough coverage of conservation maintenance

Which preservation specialists and team members should make contributions to the Maintenance Manual?

Guideline 28.3: Museum staff are provided instruction concerning maintenance tasks that are essential to object conservation

Why is exhibit maintenance a key component of an object-safe exhibit?
What instruction should be provided to ensure that maintenance tasks are conducted in an object-safe manner?
What basic procedures should be followed in Exhibit Housekeeping?
What procedures should be used when removing dust from exhibit objects?
Overview of conservation concerns when polishing metal objects
Overview of procedures for cleaning Exhibit Case Interiors
Precautions when cleaning Exhibit Case Exteriors
Basic overview for cleaning Frame Glazing