STANDARD 21: Exhibit Fabrication Process

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STANDARD 21: Exhibit Fabrication Process
Fabrication of exhibit structures and the exhibit environment must conform to the design documents and follow all conservation specifications
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Guideline 21.1: Exhibit fabrication follows all design specifications, and no materials are substituted without checking to see

How object conservation would be affected
Why is it essential for the exhibit fabricator to follow all design specifications?
What precautions should the fabricator take to ensure that exhibit construction will meet the conservation requirements?

Guideline 21.2: Any potentially hazardous or problematic construction materials are neutralized or isolated before using

In what ways can materials be hazardous to exhibit objects?
How are potentially hazardous materials neutralized?

Guideline 21.3: Conservation features within exhibit structures and exhibit cases are inspected and evaluated both during and at the end of the fabrication process. Necessary modifications are made.

Why are on-going inspections necessary?
What conservation features should be inspected and evaluated?
Who should carry out inspections?