Guideline 17.2

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The following Standards and Guidelines are a work in progress intended to spur discussion between exhibit personnel, conservators and other museum professionals. Please check back in the future as information is added to expand on the Guidelines without currently active links.
If you are interested in contributing to or commenting on this text please contact the AIC e-Editor

Guideline 17.2: Museum Policies are instituted to protect against fire and water damage[edit | edit source]

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What policies can help protects object from fire and water damage?[edit | edit source]

  • No-smoking policies
  • prohibiting personal space heaters, etc. and ensuring compliance by addressing inadequate heating and cooling of workspaces.
  • Consulting with the local fire chief to ensure proper fire prevention plan is in place.
  • The museum has an emergency plan in place.
  • Staff must be trained in use of fire extinguishers.