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The following Standards and Guidelines are a work in progress intended to spur discussion between exhibit personnel, conservators and other museum professionals. Please check back in the future as information is added to expand on the Guidelines without currently active links.
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Guideline 15.7: Lighting mock-ups are used to assess the light exposure produced by the proposed lighting plan[edit | edit source]

Why are lighting mock-ups an important step in fulfilling the Conservation Requirements for lighting?[edit | edit source]

A mockup of the proposed lighting, especially case lighting, allows a scheme to be assessed and adjusted before final installation. The lighting plan for exhibits often involves a complex combination of light fixtures and controls: lamps of a specific wattage and beam angle, particular lamp placements in relation to exhibit objects, lights modified by filters or diffusers. An important consideration is the interaction between all these different elements of the plan.

Constructing a simple mockup of the proposed lighting design—including the fixtures, the various lamps, and the anticipated distances between the objects and lamps—allows light levels to be measured and the amount of light falling on objects to be assessed. Interactions between different elements of the plan—such as overlapping beams from two different lamps—can also be evaluated. And the amount of radiation emitted during the trial will indicate the need for UV filters. The designer, lighting specialist, conservator, curator, and other exhibition team members can also evaluate the quality as well as the quantity of lighting.

How are lighting mock-ups constructed?[edit | edit source]

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