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Entries are listed in reverse chronological order by exhibition opening date. Expanded entries are given when additional information is submitted or available. For information on how to contribute new content or edits to this page please visit the How To Help section of the PR and Outreach-Exhibiting Conservation page.

1979[edit | edit source]

Institution: Instituto Centrale del Restauro (Rome)
Title: Un Esempio di Deterioramento Scuitora All'aperto. Mostra Didattica Sulla Conservazione del Marmo, Roma
Topic/Brief Description: An Example of Outdoor Sculpture Deterioration. Didactic Exhibition on Marble Conservation, Rome
Dates: 1979

Institution: Instituto Centrale del Restauro (Rome)
Title: The Restoration of the 'Ephebe of Selinunte'
Topic/Brief Description: AATA 30-1584
Dates: 1979

Institution: Royal Academy (London)
Title: The Horses of San Marco, Venice
Topic/Brief Description: History, attribution, analysis and conservation
Dates: 1979

1978[edit | edit source]

Institution: New York Historical Society (New York, NY)
Title: New Life for Old Objects: The Art of the Conservator
Topic/Brief Description: Restored paintings, sculptures, and artifacts
Dates: April 21- August 31,1978

Institution: Cincinnati Art Museum (Cincinnati, OH)
Title: Art conservation : the race against destruction
Topic/Brief Description: An exhibit explaining conservation to the layman. methods used to preserve art works are demonstrated.
Dates: February 16-March 26, 1978

Institution: Soprintendenza ai Beni Culturali ed Ambientali della Liguria (Liguria)
Title: Restauri in Liguria
Topic/Brief Description:
Dates: 1978

Institution: Staatliche Museen Pruebischer Kulturbesitz Berlin (Berlin)
Title: Kunst und Chemie - Das Unersetzliche Bewahren
Topic/Brief Description:
Dates: 1978

1977[edit | edit source]

Institution: Central Museum (Utrecht)
Title: Jan van Scorel
Topic/Brief Description: Incorporates technical information
Dates: 1977

Institution: FAIC (Boston, Massachusetts)
Title: Wash and Gouache
Topic/Brief Description: Annual AIC meeting, spring 1977
Dates: 1977

Institution: Staatliche Museen Pruebischer Kulturbesitz Berlin and Museum Folkwang Essen (Berlin)
Title: Fälschung und Forschung
Topic/Brief Description:
Dates: 1977

1976[edit | edit source]

Institution: FAIC (Dearborn, Michigan)
Title: Know What You See
Topic/Brief Description: Annual AIC meeting, spring 1976; traveled for several years
Dates: 1976

Institution: Muzeul National de Arta al Românici (Bucharest)
Title: Restoration Exhibition
Topic/Brief Description: Restored works assembled for 15th anniversary of the museum
Dates: 1976

1974[edit | edit source]

Institution: Victoria and Albert Museum (London)
Title: The Destruction of the Country House
Topic/Brief Description:
Dates: 1974

1973[edit | edit source]

Institution: Minneapolis Institute of Art (Minneapolis, MN)
Title: Fakes and Forgeries
Topic/Brief Description:
Dates: 1973

Institution: Schönbrunn Palace (Vienna)
Title: Rettung von Kunst worken
Topic/Brief Description: 122 restored objects
Dates: May 6 - June 24, 1973

Institution: Staatlichen Museen Preubischen Kulturbesitz Berlin (Berlin)
Title: Kunst unter dem Mikroskop und Sonde
Topic/Brief Description:
Dates: 1973

1972[edit | edit source]

Institution: Fortezza da Bazzo (Florence)
Title: Firenze Restaura
Topic/Brief Description:An exhibition on the restoration of works of art damaged during the Florence flood presented within a broader history of restoration in Florence. Included 355 works of art, photographs, and didactic panels.
Dates: 1972

Institution: Instituto Jose de Figuiredo (Lisbon)
Title: Estudo e Tratamento de Obras de Arte
Topic/Brief Description: Paintings, sculptures and textiles organized during 1972 Lisbon IIC Congress
Dates: 1972

Institution: Yale University Art Gallery (New Haven, CT)
Title: Italian Primitives: The Case History of a Collection and Its Conservation
Topic/Brief Description: 47 cleaned paintings from which all later additions were removed
Dates: June- mid September 1972

Institution: National Gallery of Canada (Ottawa)
Title: Progress in Conservation
Topic/Brief Description: Presents the program of the National Conservation Research Laboratory
Dates: January 13,1972- ca. March 1972; travelling to sixteen other Canadian institutions through 1974