Collodion-Chloride Paper

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Collodion-Chloride Paper[edit | edit source]

Historical Facts[edit | edit source]

Introduced by Gaudin in 1861; (according to Osterman), 1884 Liesegang introduced a ready-made paper, under the commercial name "Aristotype" Historic use period begins "in 1880 when clay coated paper stock was adopted for photography" (Osterman, 2007)

Identification Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Image material[edit | edit source]

Color[edit | edit source]

Support[edit | edit source]

Commonly lightweight rag paper.

Conservation[edit | edit source]

Housing and Storage Considerations[edit | edit source]

Housing[edit | edit source]

Storage[edit | edit source]

Exhibition[edit | edit source]

Emergency Recovery[edit | edit source]

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