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These Technical Notes are a series of summaries that provide the detailed information required to implement many of the conservation guidelines. Examples of commercially available products are given to illustrate materials that meet conservation requirements. The TechNotes content is originally from The Exhibit Conservation Guidelines, published as a CD-ROM in 1999 by the Division of Conservation, National Park Service and Developed by Toby Raphael, Nancy Davis and Kevin Brookes. View additional publication credits here.

Mention of a product, manufacturer, or supplier by name in this publication does not constitute an endorsement of that product or supplier. It is suggested that readers also seek alternate product and vendor information to assess the full range of available supplies and equipment. Please note that these TechNotes should, at present, be considered a work in progress. While they represented best practices in 1999 with the publication of the Exhibit Conservation Guidelines by the National Park Service, work is underway to update the content where needed.

General Planning and Design Topics[edit | edit source]

Environmental Control[edit | edit source]

Sealing of Exhibit Cases[edit | edit source]

Exhibit Case Lighting[edit | edit source]

Exhibit Case Construction Materials[edit | edit source]

Exhibit Case Glazing[edit | edit source]


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