6.3 Exhibitions and Display Cases

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The following Standards and Guidelines are a work in progress intended to spur information and discussion between exhibit personnel, conservators and other museum professionals. It is not designed to substitute for the consultation of a trained conservator.
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Conservation Standards & Guidelines for Exhibitions Utilizing Museum Collections[edit | edit source]

This content, now hosted by the American Institute for Conservation(AIC), was written and developed by the late Toby Raphael, Fellow AIC, Conservation Advisor to the Board of the National Association for Museum Exhibitions and Felicity Devlin, Museum Consultant. The work was funded, in part, by a FAIC Samuel H. Kress Conservation Publication Fellowship.


  • Introduction
  • Exhibit Planning Phase
    • STANDARD 1: The Planning Process
    • STANDARD 2: The Exhibit Team
    • STANDARD 3: Collections Care Practices
    • STANDARD 4: Transportation of Objects
    • STANDARD 5: Exhibit Object Selection
    • STANDARD 6: Object Conservation Assessment
    • STANDARD 7: Exhibit Location Assessment
    • STANDARD 8: Exhibit Conservation Requirements
  • Exhibit Design Phase
    • STANDARD 9: The Design Planning Process
    • STANDARD 10: Use and Design of Exhibit Enclosures
    • STANDARD 11: Exhibit Mounts and Supports
    • STANDARD 12: Exhibit Furnishing Design
    • STANDARD 13: Materials in the Exhibit Design
    • STANDARD 14: Exhibit Layout
    • STANDARD 15: Light Exposure
    • STANDARD 16: Security Measures
    • STANDARD 17: Fire and Water Damage Prevention
    • STANDARD 18: Mitigating Pollutant Hazards
    • STANDARD 19: Maintaining Temperature and Relative Humidity Conditions
    • STANDARD 20: Preventing Pest Damage
  • Exhibit Fabrication Phase
    • STANDARD 21: Exhibit Fabrication Process
    • STANDARD 22: Object Protection During Fabrication
    • STANDARD 23: Exhibit Space Modifications
    • STANDARD 24: Object Conservation Treatment
  • Exhibit Installation Phase
    • STANDARD 29: Object Installation Process
    • STANDARD 30: Collections Care During Installation
    • STANDARD 31: Monitoring The Exhibit Environment
    • STANDARD 32: Exhibit Maintenance