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Virtual couriering is a method of overseeing an object’s travel and handling that relies on digital technologies, such as location trackers and video streaming software, to monitor movement, environmental factors, packing/unpacking, condition reporting, and installation/deinstallation.

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Decision Frameworks[edit | edit source]

Art Institute of Chicago-Loan Information

Includes loan fees, loan criteria, etc.

Art Institute of Chicago-Virtual Courier Checklist

Publicly viewable AIChicago document for use in virtual couriering documentation.

NGL, MMA, MFA Courier Principles

Jointly prepared by The National Gallery, London, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York and the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.  A post-pandemic framework for evaluating courier requirements for loaned objects from their collections.

Courier & Technology Considerations During a Pandemic (Originally published August 2020, Updated March 2021)

Posted on The Registrar Hour website, this document details the technological and insurance factors an institution should consider when embarking on virtual courier appointments.

Professional Organization Statements on Virtual Couriering[edit | edit source]

ARCS Decision Tree[edit | edit source]

The content for the ARCS Courier Decision Tool was developed and reviewed by a constituency of colleagues in the collections care and conservation fields in art, history, and science museums as well as directors from institutions that utilize couriers for loans and exhibitions. The tool has incorporated solutions for a range of scenarios to address a variety of considerations.  We encourage members to use the tool to increase communication and contribute to a culture of collaboration and trust.

AIC Board Position Statement on Virtual Courier Oversight[edit | edit source]

UK Registrars Group Virtual Courier Guidance Notes[edit | edit source]

Articles and Blog Posts[edit | edit source]

Herrmann, J.K. and Kim, D.E., 2021. Virtual Deinstallation During the COVID-19 Pandemic. Journal of Conservation and Museum Studies, 19(1), p.1.

What Happens When Art Handling Goes Virtual?

Museums Get Virtual Help to Have Artwork Delivered During the Pandemic

Museums Used to Pay Huge Fees for Personal Couriers to Travel With Major Loans. New Technology Could Mean They Don’t Have to

Exhibitions during Covid-19: museums turn to 'virtual couriers' to protect unchaperoned art

What The MFA's Delayed Basquiat Show Tells Us About The Future Of Art Exhibitions

Being a museum courier, COVID style

Case study/blog post from the Fitzwilliam Museum detailing a virtual courier experience

Tools & Technology[edit | edit source]

GPS tracking devices[edit | edit source]

Tive Trackers

FedEx Senseaware

Digital Condition Reporting Tools[edit | edit source]



Art Report

Webinars, Panel Discussions and Presentations[edit | edit source]

AIC Annual Meeting 2021: The Future of Courier Travel Panel Discussion[edit | edit source]

Moderated by Sarah Scaturro, Cleveland Museum of Art, and Francesca Casadio, Art Institute of Chicago

Allison Langley, Art Institute of Chicago, Topic: Sending art without a courier: the conservator's perspective; Wendela Brouwer and Margot Leerink, Rijksmuseum, Topic: Deinstalling Caravaggio – Bernini, a virtual experience from the perspective of the registrar; Merv Richard, National Gallery of Art

Topic: Finding a balance: using couriers and technology together in a changing world; Beth Edelstein, Cleveland Museum of Art; Topic: How are conservators managing this shift? Conversations from the field

AIC Annual Meeting 2021: Lights! Camera! Action! Virtual Couriering: The New Normal?[edit | edit source]

Per Knutås and Jennifer Levy

AIC Annual Meeting 2021: Returning Loans Safely during the COVID 19 Pandemic[edit | edit source]

Jennifer Herrmann and Dong Eun Kim

AIC Annual Meeting 2020: Tablet Techniques for Digital Documentation[edit | edit source]

Brianna Warren

ArtEvolve Webinar: The Role of Bookend Couriers in Safeguarding Artistic Heritage[edit | edit source]

ArtEvolve Webinar with Jonathan Schwartz, CEO of Atelier 4[edit | edit source]

Join Jonathan Schwartz, CEO of Aterlier 4 and chairman of ICEFAT and Articheck Founder and CEO Annika Anderson, Mackenzie Garrity, Head of Digital Marketing at Articheck, sit down for the weekly ArtEvolve webinar series presented by Articheck to discuss virtual courier work, and logistics management.

Fine Art Shipping Protocols and Trends For The Pandemic, Articheck Webinar[edit | edit source]

For the Love of Art YouTube Channel[edit | edit source]

A blog set up by people in the museum logistics sector to share news and information from different countries about how to work through the pandemic.

General Information[edit | edit source]

ARCS Resources[edit | edit source]

The Association of Registrars and Collections Specialists has detailed a variety of virtual couriering resources, many of which are also mentioned here.

Art Services Worker Safety Coalition[edit | edit source]

Comprising of representatives from museums, collections, art handlers, shippers, professional associations and unions, the ASWSC’s mission is to create baseline universal safety guidelines for workers that are specific to the needs of the art world and its satellite industries. 

For the Love of Art Blog[edit | edit source]

For the Love of Art' is a blog set up by people in the museum logistics sector to share news and information from different countries about how to work through the pandemic COVID-19. The platform is a non-profit and non-affiliated group of professionals that includes registrars, conservators, insurance brokers, and fine art shippers.

The Registrar Hour Website[edit | edit source]

This website is designed to host online resources for museum registration and collections management professionals, who are currently dealing with the COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2 novel coronavirus) pandemic situation.

UK Registrars Group[edit | edit source]

A forum for communication and co-operation between registrars, collection managers, exhibition organizers and other museum professionals in fields related to the work undertaken by registrars.