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Sample AIC and Photographic Materials Conservation Catalog Wiki status banners:

This entry is a Draft

In progress: Seeking additional comments and images to develop this section

Seeking updates to previously published information

This entry is in the process of being corrected

Peer-review and text editing completed

  • Two italicized banners ("Draft" and "Being Corrected") were created in 2009 to denote stages of OCR reader corrections.
  • Three banners were created in October 2014 by PMG's PMCC wiki committee chaired by Stephanie Watkins, with coding by Suzy Morgan, then EMG Wiki chair, to communicate to readers the state of development of any one section.
  • Colors not significant nor meaningful. Chosen to compliment the then AIC Wiki overall color scheme (now gone). Open to change.
  • Wording can change as needed. These 5 steps seemed to cover all the possibilities in the early years of wiki development while minimizing the number of banners needed.
  • Other banners exist for other uses for the AIC Wiki.

--SWatkins (talk) 21:50, 6 October 2020 (CDT)

(Historical aside: "Sections" and "pages" were called "chapters" when in print publication. Photographic Materials Conservation Catalog in wiki format changed "chapter" to "sections" at the suggestion of committee member, John McElhone's, Feb 2011.)