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Clucas is the username for Chloé Lucas, Owner and Principal Photograph Conservator at Chloé Lucas Conservation, a private conservation lab based in Ottawa (2016-today).

Education and Experience: Chloé holds a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Heritage Conservation from the Institut national du patrimoine (2011-2016), with a specialization in Photographs; and a Bachelor’s degree in Art History and Archaeology from Sorbonne University (2009-2012). Chloé previously worked as a photograph conservator at the National Gallery of Canada, the Toronto Public Library and in several private conservation labs in Paris. She is part of the Canadian Conservation Consortium, a group of professional conservators with specialized expertise in the care of photographs, books, works of art and archival materials on paper.

Professional Affiliations: Chloé is an accredited member of the Canadian Association of Professional Conservators and a Professional Associate of the American Institute for Conservation.

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